Driver License Surcharges

Texas Driver License Surcharges

Here at Southern Bail Bonds Dallas, we often receive phone calls related to surcharges that have been added to traffic violations. Our clients mostly want to know how to remove the surcharges, how to put them on a payment plan or how to get their Texas Driver License reinstated while working on paying out the surcharges.

Well, if you are one of over a million Texas residents who have been hit with surcharges and haven’t been able to get your license reinstated due to past due surcharges, you’re in luck!

As on September 1, 2019 a Texas law went into effect that totally eliminates surcharges associated with Texas driver licenses. That’s right! Texas repealed the Driver Responsibility Program, the program that was responsible for those hefty surcharges!

The Texas Department of Public Safety reinstated all driving privileges for those residents who’s driver license had previously ben suspended solely for having unpaid surcharges. Keep in mind, if your driver license was suspended for other offenses then this reinstatement does not apply to you.

If you’re not sure about your status and need to check whether or not your license was reinstated, you can click here and check DPS’s License Eligibility page. While there, you may be able to determine what your reinstatement requirements are.

Using Dallas Bail Bonds to Lift Traffic Warrants

If you determine that outstanding warrants are stopping you from getting your driver license reinstated, contact Southern Bail Bonds Dallas. As long as your warrants are bondable and the offence occurred in any city in Dallas County, we may be able to help with lifting the warrant. If the offence occurred in a county that is directly connected to Dallas County, give a call because we may still be able to assist.

Have Questions About The Recent Driver License Surcharge Changes?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the changes to the rules on driver license surcharges.

How do these surcharge changes affect me?

As of September 1, 2019 all surcharge fees/assessments were waived and there will be no future charges.

What about other fines or fees that I owe?

If you owe other assessments, fees or fines you will still be responsible for paying those. If those fees are prohibiting you from reinstating your license, they will still need to be paid before you can reinstate your license.

What about the surcharges that I still owe? Do I still need to pay those?

No. The program responsible for assessing those fees has been repealed so you do not need to continue paying those surcharge fees – even if you were on a payment plan. Again, this does not include any other payment plans you may have had related to your driver license. If there are reinstatement fees, you will still be responsible for paying those. If you have questions, contact the Texas Department of Public Safety to get clarification.

Will I receive a refund for the payments I made before the change went into affect?

No. No refunds will be given. Since those payments were made during the time when the law was active, they will not be refunded. This includes any advanced payments. Sucks! We know!!

What about my driving record? Will the suspension be deleted from my record?

No, the suspension(s) will not be deleted. Any suspensions that were on your driving record before the program ended will remain.

How do I get my driver license back now that the program has ended?

If your driver license suspension was due solely to surcharges and your license has been expired for less than two years you may be able to go online to get it renewed. If it’s been more than two years then click here for additional information.

Got more questions? You can contact DPS directly at the Dallas South Mega Center (Near the intersection of Wheatland Rd and I-35E) below:

Dallas-South Mega Center
General Information Line
39025 LBJ Service Rd.
Dallas, TX 75232
Phone: 214-330-3958

And, as always, if you have questions related to warrants or bail bonds, please feel free to contact our office at 214-372-2500.

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