Posting Dallas Bail Bonds During COVID-19

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Posting Dallas Bail Bonds During COVID-19

Posting Dallas Bail Bonds During COVID-19 Pandemic

Life is still happening and you may need to post Dallas Bail Bonds even during this COVID-19 pandemic. Southern Bail Bonds Dallas understands this pandemic is real and we take it very seriously! We know that maintaining social distancing protocols is still very important and we want our customers to feel safe. That’s why we offer our customers options on posting bail bonds for their loved ones. Our bail bonds company has social distancing measures in place that protect both you and our staff. If you aren’t sure which detention facility your loved one is in, we will be happy to help you locate them.

Here are some of the ways you can post Dallas bail bonds through Southern Bail Bonds and still adhere to proper social distancing guidelines.

Dallas Bail Bonds Over The Phone

Our agents can help you with your bail bonds for any city in Dallas County right over the phone. And it doesn’t take all day! Just call us, we will gather the information we need from you right over the phone. We’ll email the documents to you for review and signature where you can take your time to read everything thoroughly in the comfort of your own residence.

We’ll provide instructions on how to quickly and easily complete the signatures and payment, and answer any questions you may have about the bail bonds process. We even offer a variety of ways to complete the signature process, including electronically.

You can do all of this without ever leaving the comfort and safety of your own home!

Payment Plans for Bail Bonds

We Got Those! Nobody is every ready to get THAT phone call from a friend or loved one in jail. And these things always seem to happen at the worst times – rent is due, car note is due, something just broke in the house that needs to be fixed, just paid out most of your cash for bills – you name it, it happens. Southern Bail Bonds Dallas offers payments plans where you can pay a portion of the fees now, get your loved one back home, and pay the remaining fees over time in equal payments. Call our office to get the details – some restrictions do apply.

Bail Bonds Fax Options

Another option is for us to email or fax the documents to you where you can complete them yourself if you prefer. Then you can fax the completed documents back directly to our office for processing. We will review your information and contact you if we have any questions or if any information is missing. We will receive your documents instantly and they will be reviewed immediately. You’ll still get our great professional service, and your bonds will still be handled quickly.

Once you send the fax, feel free to reach out to us by phone, email or text to confirm we are in receipt of your documents. And of course, contact us immediately if you have any questions.

Processing Bail Bonds In Person – Credit Card or Cash Options

Some people just like looking folks in the eye when conducting business that involves money. We get it! At Southern Bail Bonds Dallas, we want you to feel comfortable working with us. We know the situation is most likely already stressful, and we’re here to help relieve as much of that stress as possible.

You are more than welcome to come into our office to process your bond requests. As mentioned earlier, our office is uniquely set up to provide excellent social distancing while still maintaining that personal feel.

We sanitize our customer area after each visit and only allow a limited number of people inside the lobby at a time. When it’s your turn, you may have to wait 2-3 minutes while the Lysol dries, but at least you can physically SEE that we are taking every precaution to keep everyone safe!

Need To Get Started Processing Bail Bonds For Your Loved One?

Talk to our friendly and knowledgeable bail bond agents about our bond processing options. We handle a variety of bail bond types, from felony, misdemeanors and traffic to immigration bonds. Whatever your bail bond needs are, we can help. To ensure the safety of everyone, we DO require masks be worn CORRECTLY at all times while inside our facility. That means mouths and noses should remain properly covered.

Contact us now at Southern Bail Bonds Dallas at 214-372-2500. We will help you get your questions answered. Our professional agents have years of experience in the bail bonds industry and we can help get your loved one home as quickly as possible.

Just give us a call – we’ll take it from there!

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