Is your friend or loved one being held by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? Being detained by the Department of Homeland Security when your residency status is in question could be very stressful. Most detainees immediately start to worry about being deported and being separated from their families.

The experienced agents at Southern Bail Bonds are specialists at reuniting families and we can assist with posting immigration bonds for people being held at any detention center in Texas.  Most immigration bonds can be processed with RELEASE THE SAME DAY.

Immigration bonds are a form of legal tool used in the United States to secure the release of an individual detained by ICE. Much like bail in the criminal justice system, an immigration bond is a financial guarantee to the government that the detained person will comply with all immigration proceedings, including attending court hearings and meetings with immigration officials.

Need to find your family member?  Click here for the ICE Detainee Locator.


    Picking Up Your Loved One From The Detention Center

    The immigration detention centers do not transport the detainees back to the city they were originally arrested in so once the bond has been posted, either a friend or family member will need to go to the detention center to pick up the detainee. Just a reminder that when you’re going to the detention center to pick up your loved one, may of the detention centers will check the IDs of everyone in the vehicle, and they may also search your vehicle.

    If nobody is able to pick the detainee up, then transportation arrangements will need to be made at the time the bond is posted. That means either an airline ticket, train or a bus ticket will have to be purchased and the ticket number has to be sent in with the bond for verification.

    Additionally, if using one of these methods, transportation from the detention center to the station will need to be arranged as well, as the detention center will not provide that transportation, and they will not release the detainee if no transportation has been arranged.

    Note: Information on this page is NOT to be considered legal advice. Always discuss any immigration concerns with a qualified attorney of your choice.

    ICE Detention Center Locations

    Name Field Office Address City Phone Number
    Bluebonnet Detention Facility Dallas Field Office 400 2nd Street Anson, TX (325) 823-8031
    Coastal Bend Detention Center Harlingen Field Office 4909 Farm to Market Road Robstown, TX (361) 767-3400
    CoreCivic Laredo Processing Center Harlingen Field Office 4702 East Saunders Laredo, TX (956) 615-9720
    CoreCivic Webb County Detention Center Harlingen Field Office 9998 S.