How To Avoid An Arrest In Dallas County Texas

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As a professional bail bondsman in Dallas County, we frequently come across multiple types of arrests. Today, we wanted to share with you three ways in which you can avoid being arrested in Dallas. Furthermore, we will be saving you thousands of dollars in fees and headaches.

What Happens When You’re Arrested In Dallas County

Before we cover the three ways to avoid being arrested, what actually happens when you’re arrested? In simple terms, you’re taken to a Dallas County Jail. Where you are then asked plenty of probing questions to see if you are guilty. Once the police officers made a determination – you may be scheduled a court date. After you’ve been scheduled a court date you must then arrive at the court at your scheduled time. Many Dallas courts hold strict penalties for those who don’t show up. Penalties in Dallas include things like:

  • High-level fines
  • Warranties for your arrest
  • Additional court dates

So – how can you make sure you’re safe in Dallas County?

1. Avoid Drinking And Driving In Dallas Texas

This may seem obvious, but Dallas has very strict DWI laws. If convicted of a DWI in Dallas Texas you will ultimately face $10,000 in losses, a revoked license, and group classes for rehabilitation.

Here is a very clear way to avoid getting a DWI in Dallas Texas – Don’t drink and drive. Even a little bit, because there is such a low tolerance for it.

Use common transportation methods such as Uber – LYFT – and other Taxi services in Dallas County.

2. Avoid Relationships That Endorse Crime

If you have been involved in crime in the past – it is important to find new friends. Many times, older friends will never change. But you have the option to change your life around by surrounding yourself with people who ultimately want to better themselves.

This will ensure you don’t get into trouble with the law. Therefore avoiding arrest in Dallas TX

3. Have A Trustworthy Dallas Bail Bonds Agent On Speed dial

If you have been arrested – always make sure to have a Dallas Bail Bonds agent ready to call. Why? Well when you’re arrested, depending on the crime, you are given a bail rather quickly. Getting a good Dallas bail bonds agent will ultimately allow you to get a release rather quickly.

In Conclusion

Stay away from sticky situations. If you’re worried about being arrested in Dallas County, try and find different hobbies. These hobbies can be enjoyable for you rather than risky. And if ever needed – you can always contact Southern Bail Bonds for a free bail bonds consultation. We offer flexible payment options – 24/7 bail bonds – and other services to get you out safely.

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