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Bail Raised for Ex-Garland Police Officer

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Bail Bond Set at $100,000 For Ex-Garland Cop The ex-Garland police officer who is changed with manslaughter for killing a fleeing suspect had his Dallas County bail bond raised to $100,000 by a Dallas County judge. Prosecutors has originally been willing to accept a bail bond amount as low as $10,000 but the judge had [...]

Philippines Disaster Relief – Please Help

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Philippines Disaster Relief As most of you already know, the Philippines was hit by a devastating typhoon (Haiyan) and they are struggling to survive. This post is a flat-out plea for help with their disaster relief efforts. If you have the ability, PLEASE reach out to the American Red Cross and make a donation to [...]

Reasons A Judge May Deny Bail

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Most individuals who are arrested are eligible for Dallas County Bail Bonds. But there are some instances where a Judge may deny a defendant the opportunity to be released on Dallas Bail Bonds. The main purpose of a bail bond is to ensure the defendant will appear in court to answer changes, and will continue [...]