Reasons A Judge May Deny Bail

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Reasons A Judge May Deny Bail

Most individuals who are arrested are eligible for Dallas County Bail Bonds. But there are some instances where a Judge may deny a defendant the opportunity to be released on Dallas Bail Bonds. The main purpose of a bail bond is to ensure the defendant will appear in court to answer changes, and will continue to appear in court at the appointed times if the case requires more than one court setting.

If the Judge determines or feels the defendant will not return for court appearances, that Judge can deny bail entirely. If the defendant has a past history of not appearing for court on previous cases, or if the defendant has made comments that they will not go to court, the Judge can and most often times will deny bail.

There are other reasons for denying bail too. If the defendant is facing a charge that has a very severe penalty, and that defendant has the means to flee the country, the Judge may deem the defendant a flight risk and deny bail.

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