Importance of Bail Bonds Recognized

By |In The News|

Bail Bonds Importance In Other States Lawmakers in Wisconsin are trying to resurrect private bail bonding in the state. Wisconsin has not had a private bail bonds industry since 1979. It appears about two years ago lawmakers tried unsuccessfully to expand the state’s budget by allowing privately run bail bonds companies in the state [...]

Dallas Bail Bonds Newest Staff Member

By |General News|

Meet Rocky He's the newest staff member at Southern Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX. He's got a little American Staffordshire (pitbull), and a little Black Mouth Cur (southern hunting hound) and a whole lot of "Go Get'Em"! [imageframe style="border" bordercolor="#800000" bordersize="6px" stylecolor="" align=""] Southern Bail Bonds - Dallas, TX [/imageframe] He has [...]

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