Bail Bonds Importance In Other States

Lawmakers in Wisconsin are trying to resurrect private bail bonding in the state. Wisconsin has not had a private bail bonds industry since 1979. It appears about two years ago lawmakers tried unsuccessfully to expand the state’s budget by allowing privately run bail bonds companies in the state of Wisconsin with no luck.

The opponents of the law include defense attorneys, sheriffs, court clerks, prosecutors and judges. The governor vetoed the bill back in June, 2011. Opponents of the bill claim its an assault on forward thinking justice systems that determines the defendant’s risk of not showing up for court by analyzing objective evidence, and that other states should do the same.

The opponents also claim a private bail bonds system would harm public safety, crime victims, would cost taxpayers, bring inflated bail amounts and invite corruption while not necessarily getting more defendants to court as required.

But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos does not agree. Speaker Vos said allowing bail bondsmen would increase the number of defendants who show up for court and reduce costs for the court system – which would make it a good proposal to put back into the state budget.

The American Bail Coalition has jumped into the fray by hiring Capitol lobbyist Eric Petersen. Other studies have shown that the private bail bonds industry provides a very needed service, and is effective in getting more defendants to court on time. Of course this, in turn, reduces the funds spent by courts to track down these defendants.

It also makes outside parties responsible for ensuring the defendant get’s to court as required, and helps lessen that burden off of law enforcement entities.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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Author: Patrick Hill