Domestic violence is aggressive behavior within a home or relationship in which a spouse is the victim of abuse by the other partner. This includes felony and/or misdemeanor acts of violence. Some occasions of this crime are meant to scare or control a partner, but often involve physical harm to do so.


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What stipulations are included in a domestic violence?

Domestic violence is often associated with the woman in the relationship being the victim but there are cases in which the male is the victim of the abuse. Examples of common cases of domestic violence include:

  • Insults
  • Threats
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual coercion or assault
  • Exercising control over another individual
  • Physical abuse
  • Isolation
  • Disorderly conduct

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Can I Get Bail For A Domestic Violence Charge?

Judges set bail for domestic violence charges on a fairly regular basis, depending on the facts surrounding the incident. As with all crimes, the amount of bail is dependent on the nature of the crime and extent to which the offense was committed. It can also be reliant on the number of prior convictions and if you are a flight risk or danger to you or another’s safety. If arrested for domestic violence, the defendant will remain in custody until either their bail is posted or they complete all of their court appearances. In Texas, judges are no longer able to issue PR bonds for violent crimes. Domestic Violence is considered a violent crime. In most cases, once a bail is posted a restraining order, otherwise known as a protection order, is also placed on the defendant to protect the victim while the case is being handled. Terms of the order will be determined based on numerous factors and the seriousness of the crime committed. If you are faced with a restraining order it is highly suggested that you abide by the terms. At Southern Bail Bonds WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Not following the restraining order will land defendants back in jail! It doesn’t matter if the defendant and the victim have made amends – the court won’t take lightly the fact that both defendant and victim had to be in contact with each other in some form for amends to take place. The order says “NO CONTACT”! If you fail to follow the conditions of the protection order your bond will be rescinded and you will now face extra charges pertaining to the protection order. If you violate the terms you will likely land yourself back in jail and have to obtain a new bail which will most likely be much higher, if it is granted at all.

If the charge is filed as a misdemeanor, bail may be much lower than with a felony charge. In other instances bail for this charge could go up to or above $50,000. It is difficult to determine what to expect bail for this charge to be as other circumstances can affect the amount.

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If you or anyone you know if experiencing domestic violence call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 214-617-0825-SAFE 214-617-0825 to speak to an advocate. The hotline is open for callers 24/7/365.