Dallas Bail Bondsman’s Advice on How To Dress For Your Dallas County Court Appearance

This is the second installment in our series on how to dress for your court appearances and courtroom etiquette in Dallas County, and any other county court.

When we last left off, we were discussing the proper attire for court. Here’s a quick refresher:

DO show up a few minutes early for your court appearance, and check the docket to ensure your case is listed. If it isn’t, then showing up early will give you time to find out what courtroom your case has been moved to. Remember – if it doesn’t show up on the list of the courtroom you were given, then that DOES NOT mean you get to just go home!!!

If you’re not sure how to find your new court room number, call your attorney. Our clients know they can call Southern Bail Bonds Dallas at 214-372-2500 any time to get assistance with any last minute court room changes.

DO wear a suit if possible. If you don’t have a suit, then men should wear properly fitted slacks and shirt – no baggy pants with underwear showing! Ladies should wear a suit if possible. If not, then wear slacks and an appropriate blouse, dress, or skirt and top.


Wear see-through garments
Soiled or dirty clothes
Excessive jewelry
Dress as if going out to the club (mini skirts, hooker or platform heels, excessive make-up)
Clothes that show the midriff
Clothes with wording or graphics that are obscene, promote illegal or questionable activity, sex acts, profanity or violence!
Tube or halter tops
Flip flops
Muscle shirts
A-shirts (commonly known as wife-beaters)
Gum chewing

Also remember to either turn your cell phone off, or place it on vibrate. Some courts may impose a fine for the person in possession of a noisy ringing cell phone.

Men should ensure their pants are not sagging under any circumstances. That means not only should men wear belts – but the belts need to be fastened tight enough to actually perform it’s intended function, not just be on for the sake of just being seen! I can’t stress enough how important this little detail is and what an impression it makes on EVERYONE in the courtroom.

If you decide to ignore this suggestion regarding baggy/sagging pants, don’t be surprised if you are escorted from the courtroom (which could be devastating for your case) or if you receive something other than a favorable outcome to your case because the court perceives your appearance as disrespect!

Ladies – the same rules apply. Your attire and attitude should show you have respect for the court. Save the low-cut, high hemmed, tight fitting see-through outfits for the club. They are totally inappropriate for court and send all the WRONG messages.

Your Dallas Bail Bonds Agent and/or your attorney will be happy to go over what you can expect at your court appearances.

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