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Are you in need of bail bonds in Duncanville, TX? Are you looking for a reputable bail bonds company you can trust? The friendly agents at Southern Bail Bonds have been providing stellar service for years in Texas. With such a long record of serving the Dallas area – including Duncanville – you can be comfortable knowing that we’ll treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. Our agents exercise integrity and professionalism with every customer.

Duncanville Arrest Process – What You Can Expect

Anyone arrested in Duncanville, TX will be taken to the Duncanville Police Station and will be held in the Duncanville jail so they can be arraigned by a magistrate. At the detention center they will be fingerprinted, searched, photographed and finally, booked in. The individual will be placed in a jail cell and may remain there either until Duncanville bail bonds are posted, they are transferred to the Dallas County facility (Lew Sterrett Justice Center), or they are released by a judge. They will go before a magistrate to be arraigned to hear the charges being brought against them, and have the terms of their bail bonds set. The arraignment typically takes place within 2 – 8 hours of the arrest, depending on the time of day. Offenses can be either felony, misdemeanor or traffic (DUI/DWI) related.

The Duncanville detention center is not a large capacity facility. Which means if the magistrate orders a bond be set, and the bond(s) are not posted fairly quickly, then the defendant will most likely be transferred to the County facility (Lew Sterrett jail) in Dallas, TX.

If this happens, the book-in process starts fresh! Unfortunately, there is no way to know if the charges that were set in the Duncanville jail will remain the same once the defendant is arraigned again in Dallas. Which means the bail bonds set in Duncanville could be completely different from the bail bonds in Dallas.

New background searches will be performed, and there is always the possibility that additional charges may be added if the new background search uncovers prior warrants from other cities or counties.

The residing magistrate has the authority to add any additional charges that may have been discovered, and they also have the authority to amend the bond requirements for whatever charge the defendant was originally arrested for.

At Southern Bail Bonds we frequently see bonds get amended when a defendant is transferred. We’ve seen the bond amounts go up, and we’ve seen them go down. We’ve even seen surety bonds get switched to PR bonds.

Family members will often ask us our opinion on what will happen to their loved one’s bond if they get transferred to the Dallas County jail. Honestly, we can guess at it, but there is no way to know for sure until the arraignment actually happens and the magistrate makes their decision.

If your friend or loved one has been arrested in Duncanville we can help you with Duncanville, TX Bail Bonds. Our team of friendly, professional and highly experienced staff will be happy to walk you through the bail bonds process and lay out your various options. Whether you need an affordable payment plan, the ability to charge a bond to your credit card or to procure a bond anytime day or night – we’re the company you can count on. To help you see why we’re the right choice, here are some of the features that make us distinct:

Best customer service
Cheapest bail bonds in Duncanville, TX

We Offer Bail Bonds For Traffic Violations, Misdemeanors and Felonies.

Whether you’ve been arrested for a traffic violation, a misdemeanor or a felony – we offer bail bonds for every situation. This makes Southern Bail Bonds a one-stop solution, no matter what kind of charges you’re facing.

We’re Available 24/7.

If you, a family member or close friend have just been arrested – waiting around for days to get your bail bond in order is the last thing you want. You’re likely in a hurry to help them regain their freedom so you can all get back to your lives while awaiting trial. We know that no one enjoys being locked up – which is why we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

If it concerns bail bonds in the Dallas area (including Duncanville), we’ve seen it all. With years of experience in the Dallas bail bonds industry under our belts, no part of the process comes as a surprise. Why does this matter? You don’t want an error in paperwork or processing to delay your release for any reason. If you’re searching for Duncanville bail bonds near me, or closest bail bonds and you’re near the Duncanville jail, then we’re right in your area. Our office is located just minutes from the Duncanville police department and detention center.

We are familiar with the local detention centers and have ongoing relationships with the key players in this industry. This means you can rest easy knowing that your bail bond shouldn’t be held up due to a miscommunication or other preventable mistake.

Duncanville Jail vs. Tri City Jail

The Duncanville jail and the Tri-City jail are two totally different facilities. The Tri City jail facilitates the cities of DeSoto, Cedar Hill and Lancaster, while the Duncanville jail only handles arrests made in Duncanville. But…if you are trying to find out if your loved one has been arrested and taken to either facility, you can check the inmate roster at Tri City jail, as they show inmates at both facilities. We know, it’s confusing – that’s where we can help. Our agents are very familiar with both jails and can help locate your loved one and get you the answers you need.

Release from the Duncanville Jail

At Southern Bail Bonds we have years of experience in the bail industry and understand the Dallas County jail system and are experts in dealing with all types of Duncanville Bail Bonds.

Following the book-in and processing, the individual may be able to be released on Duncanville, TX Bail Bonds provided they have been set by the judge. Duncanville bail bonds can be posted 24 hours a day. However it is possible that some defendants may not be granted bail, in which case bail bonds will not result in an individual being released from detention.

Fast Jail Release With Duncanville Bail Bonds

At Southern Bail Bonds, we can arrange fast, professional and confidential Duncanville bail bonds processing to ensure your loved one or friend is released as quickly as possible. We have the expertise to handle any felony, misdemeanor or traffic related Duncanville bail bonds with quick approvals and no hidden fees. We specialize in No Credit Check bail bonds and Easy Payment Terms.

We Take All Major Credit Cards.

Not having enough cash on hand for a bail bond is an extremely common situation for our customers. No need to stress or feel embarrassed or anxious, as we take all major credit cards. This type of flexible payment option makes it easy for you to get the bond that you need right away.

No Available Credit Card? We Have In-House Financing

If paying with a credit card won’t work for your situation (because your cards are nearly maxed out or for other reasons), we offer in-house financing. Our easy payment plans will help you to afford the bail bond that you need, without breaking the bank. When it comes to Duncanville bail bonds that are affordable – we pride ourselves on making our services accessible to customers of almost any income.

It is important that you fully understand how the bail bonds process works, and we are happy to answer any Dallas County Bail Bonds questions you may have and provide information on what you can expect throughout the entire bail bond process.

We Provide Free Consultations.

If you want to talk with us without any obligation, we’re always available by phone or in person. Our free consultation with a qualified bail bondsman, will allow you to have all of your questions answered – without any pressure. If you decide that we’re not the right company for your needs, you can walk away with no questions asked. This type of customer-centered service is hard to find, which is why we’re confident that you’ll decide to work with us.

As you can see, Southern Bail Bonds has thought of everything, when it comes to providing you with the best experience possible. If you want to work with the best bail bonds company that makes the process easy, no other Duncanville bail bonds company can compete. Our staff stands ready to assist you with your bail bonds needs, and to help you regain your freedom as soon as humanly possible. Stop by our office at your convenience or give us a call at 214-372-2500. We are looking forward to working with you!

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About Duncanville

Duncanville is just one of many suburbs located in southern Dallas County, Texas, in the United States. Duncanville’s population was 38,524 as of the last census taken in 2010. The city is part of the Best Southwest area, which includes Duncanville, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Lancaster. Looking for more information on the City of Duncanville, TX? Click here.

Author: Patrick Hill