Need To Check Dallas Bail Bond Amounts and Court Dates?

A bail bond is like a promise made to the court, usually involving money, that a person who’s been arrested (the defendant) will show up for their court dates; if they don’t, whoever paid the bail bond might lose their money. When someone is out on bail, they stay out of prison until their court date. Southern Bail Bonds is an authorized bond company, licensed by Dallas County to provide bail bonds.

First Things First…

Your friend or loved one has been arrested and you just want to know what’s going on.  Well here are some helpful links to the Dallas County Sherrif’s Department that may help you get some answers.

Check Dallas Bail Bond Amounts:

The easiest way to check the bail bond amounts yourself in Dallas County is to go to the Dallas County Jail Lookup system (  Once on their site, you can enter the defendant’s information – last name, first name, race and sex are required entries.  If you find that no bond amounts have been set, then it is possible that the defendant hasn’t gone before the Magistrate yet.  Bonds are not automatically set as soon as a defendant is booked in.   Each defendant goes before the Magistrate to have their bonds set.  The count times occur throughout the day at scheduled intervals, so there could be a few hours between the time a defendant is booked in and the time they go before the Magistrate.

You can also call the Dallas County Bail Bond Desk at 214-761-9025 and follow the prompts.  Since that desk is usually very busy, be prepared to stay on hold for a while.

And of course, you can always call us – Southern Bail Bonds – at 214-372-2500.  We will be happy to do the leg work for you to get all of the information.  Our professional, knowledgeable Dallas Bail Bond Agents can answer your questions and arrange a Bail Bond once the amounts are set.

Find Court Dates

Like finding Bail Bond amounts, there are a couple of ways to find out defendant court dates.  Again, the easiest way to find a court date is to go to the Dallas County Background Search page (  Enter the defendant’s first and last name, and date of birth (DOB).  The DOB is very important because in a county the size of Dallas, there are several people that share the same name, right down to the same middle initials or even same middle name too.  You don’t want to pull up the wrong individual’s information.  If the defendant has more than one case (opened or closed), be sure to select the correct case.  When you click on the link it will open a page that has a lot of legal terminology.  Don’t worry about trying to figure out what all that means.  Just scroll down towards the bottom and look for a section called “Sets and Passes”.  This area will contain the court dates.  Remember to keep scrolling down until you see the last court date (there could be more than one “Sets and Passes” section).

You can also call the county’s General Information line at 214-653-7011 to be directed to the appropriate court clerk.  They also have a web page that has a list of very helpful phone number:

And of course again, you can always call us: Southern Bail Bonds at 214-372-2500.  We will be happy to do the leg work for you to get that information.

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