Dallas Bail Bonds

At Southern Bail Bonds Dallas, we know how stressful it can be when a friend or loved one is arrested. At the time of the arrest, it doesn’t matter if it was just a big misunderstanding or if the person arrested is facing very serious charges, the last thing you want is for them to have to wait for their court date sitting inside a jail cell. The preference is usually for the arrested person to have the ability to be free to keep working, hire an attorney, and make the best possible preparations for their day in court.

A Dallas County Bail Bonds agent can help you with gaining that freedom. Don’t misunderstand – working with a Dallas Bail Bonds agent to gain freedom for your friend or loved one does not mean they don’t have to appear in court to face their charges, it means they will have the opportunity to be free while they are waiting for their day in court. This “free time” should be spent preparing for trial by contacting a competent attorney, assisting in gathering any evidence that may be helpful, working – and cooperating -with law enforcement on any investigations they may be conducting and most importantly, not being involved in any additional legal/criminal incidents, which would reflect badly on any open cases.

Huge Money Savings

Using a Dallas Bail Bondsman could save you thousands of dollars. The court will set the bail amount based on the circumstances of each particular incident – so don’t guess at the bail amount before it’s set. Two people can be arrested for the same charge and still have different bail amounts. This could be due to previous arrests where one person has no previous arrests, and the other person has a history of illegal activity. The judge/court will decide on the bond amount after reviewing any previous history.

Whatever the bond amount is, posting the entire amount yourself could cost you thousands. Using a Dallas Bail Bonds agent will allow you to only have to spend a fraction of the bond amount. For example: if the bond is set at $25,000 you are required to post that amount with the Dallas County Sheriff’s department before obtaining a release for your loved one.

If you use a Bail Bonds Dallas agent, the amount required to post the Bail Bond will be a fraction of the $25,000. Most likely it will be about $2500 or 10%. This means you don’t have to wipe out your bank accounts, take out a second mortgage or cash in any retirement funds. Those options are best left open in case additional funds are needed to procure an attorney.

Bail Bonds Payment Plans

Also, many Dallas Bail Bonds companies offer payment plans. Southern Bail Bonds offers quick bond approvals, quick loan approvals for bonds, no credit checks and very easy payment plans.


Southern Bail Bonds does not release information about your or the defendant. Your information is safe with us. Other family members, friends or co-workers need not know about your situation unless you decide to inform them.

Warrants and Bonds in Other Jurisdictions

Get everything taken care of at one time and one location. If there are outstanding warrants for other charges, including traffic warrants, we can handle those at the same time so there’s no need to worry about yet another arrest, or having to make a second trip to the Bail Bond office.

If warrants exist in a different jurisdiction other than Dallas County, Southern Bail Bonds can help with that too!

Whatever your Bail Bond needs are, Southern Bail is here to help!

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