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Bail Bonds – Infographic

Bail Bonds – How They Work – Dallas

How Bail Bonds Dallas Work

Bail Bonds are needed in Dallas, TX if:

  1. A Person Gets Arrested

    • Police records necessary information
    • Conducts criminal background check
    • Takes fingerprints and photos if necessary
    • Seizes personal belongings
    • Accused is allowed a phone call
    • Awaits a bail bond hearing in front of a judge
    • Bail bond amount is set
    • Bail bond can be posted in cash or by surety bond

Bail Bonds Conditions

Gravity of the crime
Prior criminal history
Ties to the community
Is defendant a danger to society?
History of showing up to previous court hearings
Is suspect a flight risk?

Bail Bond Amount

Severity of crime
Either judge’s discretion or bail schedule

Types of Bonds

Cash Bond
Surety (Bail) Bond
Personal Recognizance
Property Bonds

To find out more about the bail bond Dallas process contact:

Southern Bail Bonds
3936 S. Polk St. #110
Dallas, TX 75224

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