8 Great Tips On How To Find The Right Immigration Attorney

So you’re wanting to become a legal resident or citizen of the United States. Where do you start? One good place to start is by finding a great immigration attorney. Sounds simple, but the truth of the matter is that finding the right immigration attorney can be a confusing task. Whether you’re moving here from abroad or you’ve been here a while and want to make your stay permanent, you’ll most likely need the help of an experienced attorney.

1. Determine What Type Of Immigration Attorney You Need

Are you looking to become a naturalized citizen? Then an immigration lawyer who specializes in Naturalization might be your best bet. Have you been here a while and have issues with your status that could lead to deportation? Then you’ll definitely want to check into an attorney who specializes in handling Deportation – Removal cases.
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Maybe you’re a Dreamer – perhaps an immigration attorney who is experienced in the DACA process is who you need. Do you have visa issues related to your work status? Would an attorney who is familiar with the Business & Employment side of immigration law be helpful? Those are the types of questions you’ll need to answer in order to figure out where to start your search.

2. Hire An Attorney Who Speaks Your Language As Well As English

Of course, this should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Communication is key, especially when dealing with a situation as intricate as immigration law. You want to ensure you are able to clearly and comfortably communicate with your attorney and that there are no language barriers. So, if you’re bilingual, English isn’t your native language and you feel you may have problems understanding some of the U.S. legal jargon, be sure to hire an attorney who can explain the process in English as well as your native language. You don’t want to have a glitch in your application process simply because of a miscommunication.

3. Don’t Forget To Ask For References

Ah, those pesky references. Don’t hesitate to ask for references. Any immigration attorney worth their salt will expect such a request. They should be able to provide you with a good list of prior clients whom they have helped successfully. You’ll want to do your own research as well. Run Google searches to see what types of ratings they may have. Check out their reviews, and comments from past clients. Additionally, there are several sites that provide ratings for attorneys. Check them all out. Remember, this is your future you’re talking about, so you want the best possible team on your side.

4. Work With An Immigration Attorney You Can Trust

When talking to different immigration attorneys, don’t forget to listen to your gut. Pay attention to how the attorney responds to you. Are they paying attention? Are they asking questions that make sense? Do they appear to be professional and compassionate? Most attorneys will have several cases pending at once. Don’t be afraid to ask about their case load. The last thing you want is to get stuck with an attorney who doesn’t have the time to devote to your case to ensure a successful outcome. Additionally, if the lawyer appears to be preoccupied or just going through the motions to get to the end of your interview, maybe you’ll want to keep looking.

What about their accessibility? Do you feel they would be responsive when you have questions? Unless you hire an attorney who only has one case – yours – you can’t expect them to drop whatever they’re doing to answer a phone call immediately. But you do want an attorney who will get back in touch with you in a reasonable amount of time. Trust your gut instincts, keeping in mind that an attorney who might be a bit curt may also be your best choice. Weigh everything.

5. Don’t Let The Price Tag Fool Ya

This is where your research comes into play. Price tags on legal services, like any other service, can be deceiving. Just because an immigration attorney has a high fee doesn’t mean they’re better. Remember those references you asked for and those Google reviews you were suppose to read? What did they say? Ensure the attorney you engage has the time and staff necessary to handle their case load. And ensure the fee is something you can handle without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, be careful about hiring the cheapest attorney. There may be a reason for the low price tag. They may not yet have the experience that would command a higher rate. Or it may be that they don’t have the staff necessary to process your application in a timely manner. Or they may just be flat incompetent. Again, this is where your research pays off. Ensure you’re basing your decision on the value and expertise of the attorney, not just the price.

6. Did We Mention Immigration Attorneys Need To Be Licensed?

Well, if we didn’t – they need to be licensed no matter what issue you are needing to address! Always ensure you’re working with a licensed attorney who is in good standing with their state bar. Check their status, and while you’re at it, check to see if there have been any disciplinary actions brought against them. If they aren’t licensed – run.

7. Avoid Attorneys That Lurk Around ICE Detention Centers or Immigration Offices

If you are approached by an attorney at one of the ICE detention centers, ICE field offices or other immigration centers, think twice about working with these attorneys. First, the attorney bar frowns on such behavior and doesn’t consider it ethical. Second, many consider this type of advertising as “ambulance chasing” and only done by attorneys who have problems getting or maintaining clients. One has to wonder why.

8. Friends – A Great Referral Resource for Attorneys

Don’t forget your personal network – friends, coworkers and family members. Tap into your personal network to search for someone who can refer you to an immigration attorney you can have faith in. Personal referrals from a satisfied customer or a knowledgeable friend can be very powerful.

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