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Dallas Bail Bonds

Dallas Bail Bonds are our specialty! Southern Bail Bonds is the only Bail Bonds specialists you need for Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX. We’ve been in the Bail Bonds industry for years in Texas. Our professional Dallas County Bail Bonds Agents provide efficient, courteous, and most importantly, QUICK processing in your time of need. When you’re looking for a Dallas County Bail Bondsman, let Southern Bail Bonds in Dallas help alleviate the stress. Are you asking yourself where to find the best bail bonds near me?  By landing here we think you are in luck!  We are a top rated local bail bonds agency.  Contact us today – we can provide assistance in getting the answers you need.


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Felony or Misdemeanor Arrests?
Call us now! Southern Bail Bonds has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to executing Felony Bail Bonds and Misdemeanor Bail Bonds. As a matter of fact, our Dallas Bail Bonds agents regularly post multiple bonds for Dallas County jails on a single individual who has been arrested for more than one offense.READ MORE

Traffic – DWI Arrests?
Did your loved one or friend get arrested on traffic warrants, excessive speed or DWI? We handle those too! Southern Bail Bonds in Dallas can provide you with traffic related Dallas County Bail Bonds. Don’t let them just sit in jail – give us a call, we can help!

Flexible Payment Options
Southern Bail Bonds Dallas has flexible financing options – including EZ Payment Plans for bail bonds – that can help you get your loved one or friend out of jail as quickly as possible. Remember to ask about our Dallas Bail Bonds financing and instant credit options when you call or come by.READ MORE

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Bail Bonds

Using bail bonds or a bail bondsman to bond a friend or loved one out of jail has been a long standing method because it is quick and extremely effective. As mentioned earlier, people often asked how bail bonds work. And the short answer is this: if you have a loved one in jail who has been granted a bond, instead of paying the full bond amount, you can work with a local bondsman to pay a much smaller amount to get your loved one back home. That’s the overall gist – short version – of bail bonds on the surface, but there are a lot of moving parts that go into the overall process.

Oftentimes, when people who have never been arrested find themselves in a situation where they need bail bonds, many don’t know what to do. Finding yourself in the criminal justice system is stressful to say the least. If you find yourself arrested and have to come up with money for bail, does that mean you’re stuck in jail if you can’t come up with the full amount? Absolutely not. Can you get someone else to help with coming up with the cash? Of course you can. Should you hire a bail bondsman to post a bail bond for you? How does that even work?

Understanding how the bail process works, what the purpose of bail bonds are, how judges decide bond amounts, what payment options are available to you, and other related issues are important for you to know if you’re faced with a friend or family member who’s been arrested.

How Much Do Dallas Bail Bonds Cost?

First, when you chose to use a bondsman you only have to pay a percentage of the total bail amount.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost is not always 10%. It can vary anywhere from 7% to 15%. It will depend on the type of bond and of course, the bonding company you choose.

For example, if the bail amount is $15,000, you could pay anywhere from $1,050 to $2250. This is called a Premium payment. This is a much more appealing option for most people than having to pay the full $15,000. Fact is, most folks just don’t have that kind of money sitting around.

The premium payment is the bail bond company’s payment for posting the bail for the full amount of $15,000. The premium is considered fully earned when the defendant is released from jail. As long as the defendant stays in good standing with the court and the bail bond company, no other fees should be required.

If however, the defendant fails to comply with the bondman’s and the court’s requirements (timely check-in’s, timely appearance to all court dates, etc.) the bond agent may forfeit the bond. If this happens then the defendant and the co-signer will be responsible for the full amount of the bond ($15,000) and any costs related to placing the defendant back in custody – like bounty hunting fees and court costs.

Most bonding companies will require the bail bond premium to be paid in full before the bond is posted. Payment can be made by cash, credit or debit cards or a combination of both.

If you are not able to pay the full amount up front, Southern Bail Bonds will work with you to come up with a payment plan that you can afford. We try our best to make the process as easy as possible.

Once payment terms are agreed upon they are documented in writing and include a payment schedule so you know exactly what your balance is and when payments are due. We will give you copies of all documents you’ve signed, and if you misplace your docs, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with additional copies.

Bail Bonds Service – Local to Dallas Texas

Professional Bail Bonds Agents close by, ready to help
Providing the Best Customer Service is our continued goal

Our customers know we go the extra mile when helping their loved ones get released from jail and back home to their families. We explain the jail release process but sometimes family members are anxious, even after they leave our office, so we may get additional phone calls while the defendant is being processed out. This is understandable and we don’t mind at all. This happens especially when someone is being released from Lew Sterrett. Mostly because it is the mail jail for the County so the number of people being processed is higher. We answer every question and try to put the family at ease about their loved one and the bail bonds process.

Need Dallas Bail Bonds Financing?

At Southern Bail Bonds Dallas, we know cash for Dallas Bail Bonds can be a major issue for anyone trying to round up bail money for a family member or Loved one. That’s why every day we work with families to come up with the best and most convenient financial arrangements to get their Loved ones out of jail as quickly as possible. We offer the best affordable Dallas Bail Bonds with easy financing and no credit checks. Many of our bail bonds require no collateral. We have instant approval on many bail bonds.

Our Dallas Bail Bonds Agents Are Genuine Professionals

How important is finding the right Dallas Bail Bondsman? VERY! Throughout the bail bonds process, Southern Bail Bonds Dallas does more than just provide a bail bond to our clients. We strive to alleviate stress and provide that well needed peace of mind – with our professional bondsmen ready to assist you 24/7, we are able to deliver immediate, courteous service. Our agents will treat you with the upmost respect, and we uphold complete confidentiality throughout the entire bonding process. Our customer service is second to none. We won’t waste your time with a lot of idle chatter. We work diligently to get you in, processed and out as quickly as possible so you can get back to your business. Southern Bail Bonds Dallas has established a strong reputation for being trustworthy, with no slick tricks, gimmicks or extra fees. We strive to provide the best service possible to everyone who contacts us.  We also stay abreast of current events in the bail bonds industry.

Our Bail Bonds Dallas Agents Are Ready To Help

So whether you need Dallas Bail Bonds or bail bonds throughout the state or even nation-wide, we’re the ones to call. Our core business values are no different from our core family values; we will treat you exactly the way we want to be treated.

We Will Walk You Through The Dallas Bail Bonds Process

We will take the time to walk you through the entire Dallas Bail Bonds process. We will explain all the details, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll explain what you can expect when you co-sign for Dallas Bail Bonds, and we’ll go over our processing times (which are some of the shortest in Dallas, TX).

Got Warrants?

Let Southern Bail Bonds in Oak Cliff help you with your warrants . Whether they are Felony, Misdemeanor or Traffic related warrants, our bondsman can help. Most warrants can be handled over the phone. Don’t ride around looking over your shoulder any longer. We can assist you with resolving your warrants in a timely manner.

Bail Bonds in Dallas, Texas

Looking for Bail Bonds in Dallas, Texas? Southern Bail Bonds can help! Did you know that the right to bail bonds isn’t something that’s decided by Dallas County. The right to bail is a constitutional amendment. That’s right! Bail is guaranteed by the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution! You have the right to be out of jail while you are working on bringing your case to a successful end. Southern Bail Bonds can help you and your family with fast jail release by providing bail bonds in Dallas, TX at a great rate by our professional agents. We provide bonds for White Collar crimes, drug crimes, DWI domestic violence and many more types of offenses.

Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds, just like county bonds, can be used to provide a guarantee that the defendant will appear for any and all court appearances. The difference is that immigration bonds can only be issued by a licensed federal agent, and there may be additional requirements ordered by an ICE judge than from a county judge. While most immigrants may be eligible for immigration bail bonds, that does not mean that most immigrants will receive these bonds. Immigration bonds are set at the sole discretion of the ICE official or ICE judge.

Immigration Bail Bonds

Southern Bail Bonds Dallas offers SAME DAY RELEASE in most cases for immigration bail bonds if the application is started early enough. We can post immigration bonds for any ICE Detention Center in the U.S. Our friendly agents will walk you through the application process and ensure all of your questions are answered. We’ve got the experience you need in order to get your bonds posted quickly and efficiently. Call us today!

Our Dallas County Bail Bonds Agents Get Things DONE!

Did you call another Dallas County Bail Bonds company first? Did you go to a different company, complete their paperwork, pay the bond fee and hours later they STILL haven’t posted the bond? Did they wait until you called back to ask why your friend or Loved one is still in jail, even though it’s be 6 or 7 hours since you paid for your Dallas County Bail Bonds -only to be told that you needed another co-signer? Does any of this sound familiar? We may still be able to help! Let us re-process your bond. If we give you approval, then we can post your Dallas Bail Bonds within minutes, not hours! Call us today! We’ll take it from here.

Dallas County Warrants

Do you have Dallas County warrants? Southern Bail Bonds Dallas can assist with lifting warrants. Doesn’t matter if your warrant is traffic related, a felony or a misdemeanor, if it’s bondable we will most likely be able to help. Many times people will have warrants issued because of some incident that happened in the past. They may get a phone call from an officer or a detective notifying them that a warrant has been issued and they need to turn themselves in. If this happens to you, we can assist with a Walk-Through bond. Basically, the individual with the warrant just needs to come to our office, along with their co-signer, and complete the bonding paperwork and pay the bond fee. At that point, everything will be in place to post the bond quickly when the defendant goes to turn themselves in. We’ve processed defendants with Walk-through bonds in as quick at 15 minutes. Keep in mind, every situation is different. If a defendant has never been fingerprinted in the past, the process will take a bit longer because they will need to get fingerprinted. Be aware there are other details that may make the processing take longer, like whether or not the bond amount has already been set.

Have questions? Call our office and our friendly staff will answer your questions regarding getting Dallas County Warrants lifted.

Lew Sterrett Visitation Hours

Need to know the visiting hours and regulations for visiting inmates at Lew Sterrett? Use this link to get the visitation schedule. Also, be sure to review the rules for visitation to make sure you are in compliance before you go.

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