University of North Texas – Dallas

UNT Dallas is the only accredited 4-year public school in Dallas, TX and was opened in 2006. The campus serves as a pathway to social mobility for residents of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, the No. 1 job market in the U.S. according to Forbes .

University of North Texas – Dallas proudly boasts a mission statement of Empower. Transform. Strengthen.

Although Dallas has community colleges and private colleges nearby, none quite fit the bill like UNT. When news of the planned opening hit the Southern Dallas area, many were excited. The possibility of having a public 4-year college in the area where students could attend classes, maintain their work schedules and live at home brought high expectations and high hopes.

UNT Dallas did not disappoint.

With the campus being close to home for many, the savings were instant – no dormitory fees and meals plans were needed, chopping off thousands of dollars for attendance each semester.

Of course, for students who do wish to live on campus, residence halls are opening to satisfy those needs. Currently one residence hall is available, but with the expected growth of the school it won’t be long before more residence halls are required.

The beautiful campus is located on 264 acres in the Southern sector of the City of Dallas. It offers degree plans in several different areas of study that will prepare students for in-demand jobs for years to come.

The UNT Dallas campus offers more than just classes. It offers hope. It offers a path to a future that may not have been as readily available if this campus had not been created. Current and potential students now have very real choices that help them envision a much brighter future.

The campus is easy to reach via private vehicle or public transportation. Students have access to many activities and organizations. If students are looking for a particular organization that doesn’t exist they certainly have the ability to create it.

And of course, the fraternity and sorority life is on point as well. Currently 5 chapters exist, along with 4 expansion groups. These chapters and groups provide the opportunity to learn and practice leadership and community service. Additionally, being a part of these groups can generate lifelong friendships and often offers mentoring in ways that can assist students academically and in their professional careers.

Did we mention that UNT Dallas promotes community involvement? Everyone associated with the university is encouraged to get involved in the community. That includes faculty, students, alumni and university employees.

UNT Dallas also plays host to many campus events, special guest speakers and job fairs. The university strives to provide a holistic approach to education that equips students with experiences to meet the challenge of living well, being a productive member or society along with achieving academic success.

For more information contact the university directly:

University of North Texas Dallas
7300 University Hills Drive
Dallas, TX 75241

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