The Texas Department of Transportation (TX-DOT) launched its 12 annual Click It or Ticket campaign at a press conference today, Monday 20, 2013. The campaign is inspired by the legacy of President Johnson, who 45 years ago signed legislation requiring automakers to install seat belts in all automobiles.

The legislation signed by President L. Johnson has saved hundreds of thousands of lives over the years and is one of the best pieces of legislation passed with regard to general public safety.

This year a special emphasis will be placed on pickup trucks because seat belt use among those drivers and occupants continues to lag behind other vehicles in the state.

If you are driving or are an occupant in any vehicle, please use your seat belt. It could mean the difference in walking away from an accident or being carried away in an ambulance with the lights blaring, or even worse, being carried away without the need for lights at all!! 🙁

Law enforcement officers across the state will be checking to ensure drivers and occupants are wearing their seat belts properly, and have been specifically trained to spot drivers and occupants who try to “fake” wearing their seat belts. They’ve run several commercials lately that are a bit on the comical side showing some of the silly things people do to give the illusion they are wearing their seat belts, but make no mistake – the commercials are made to bring attention to a very serious matter. And it WON’T be funny when they write that ticket!

It only takes a second to fasten your seat belt, and that simple action could very easily save your life.

Do it for yourself – Do it for your family!

This is a public service announcement from: Southern Bail Bonds

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Author: Patrick Hill

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