Pros And Cons Of Getting Out Of Jail 

As a local bail bonds company, we’re frequently asked if there any cons of being bailed out? And to be honest, there may be some that you would’ve never thought about. In this post, we’re going to break down the pros and the cons of being bailed out of jail.

Similar to many decisions, there are some pros and cons when it comes to bailing someone out of jail using a bail bond. As a result of many people usually, have plenty of questions regarding the same. After all, not all of us are familiar with the whole process as we have not yet found ourselves in a similar situation. Below are some of the pros and cons of getting bailed out of jail.

Pros Of Getting Our Of Jail

• Rescues you from jail- This is the most obvious benefit of using a bail bond. Getting released from prison will allow you to go back to your normal routine and cater for your family needs, work responsibilities as well as a resume with your travel plans. This is beneficial as being arraigned in court may take some time.
• Lowered payments- Most of the times, bail money can be a bit costly. Consulting a bail bondsman ensures that the amount is paid in full as long as you part with a small 10% bail amount instead of the entire amount.
• Eased communications- Once you get a reputable bondsman, you won’t have to go back to jail and handle all the necessary paperwork as all that is sorted by them. They will communicate with the court and provide all the necessary requirements for your release on your behalf.
• Jail is the worst place to be- Release from jail guarantees one’s safety and security. The cells are always stuffy and untidy, the company is very questionable and getting some sleep may deem a hassle. Bailing out of jail by getting a bail bond is a benefit on its own.
• Gives you plenty of time to plan your defense- If you get arrested but you have representation, you will want to start preparing adequately for your case and arraignment. Bailing out of jail will help you achieve that as you can prepare a motion with your lawyer in your presence that will help you stay out of jail. Alternatively, your lawyer can request to represent you without your presence in court.

Cons Of Getting Bailed Out Of Jail

• Financial constraints- As stated earlier, bail money is quite costly and raising the required 10% makes some families leave their loved ones in jail until the arraignment day. And with such a hard hit economy, most families don’t possess such funds and if they do. The economy will make them choose otherwise.
• Getting a reputable bonding company- You wouldn’t wish to find yourself in a position where you have already paid the bonding company the required 10% but your loved one is still in jail. That being said- always make sure that you choose wisely. Not all bail agents are trustworthy.
• Bail bond money is non-refundable- Regardless of whether you are found guilty or not at the end. The bail bond money can’t be returned to you. This may be painful especially when a not guilty verdict ends up being passed in court.
• It offers a serious security threat to other citizens if it’s accepted- Some people are just criminals and if released from jail on bail they may end up endangering other people lives either through bad blood, revenge or just their personal traits.

In Conclusion – The Pros And Cons Of Being Bailed Out

Obviously, there are some pros and cons to everything. In this post, we showed a few of the pros and cons to both. The bail bond pros and cons are applicable nationally as the law does not change much. Regardless, you should always try and avoid an arrest for any cause. But in case you do, make sure you do your research when you’re choosing the right bail bonds agent.

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