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August 2018

Bail Reform – Just Say NO!

2018-08-18T18:14:37+00:00 By |Information|

Bail Reform – Just Say NO!! Bail Reform – better known as Catch and Release – had reared its ugly head in the state of Texas. First, lets get a few things straight. The right to bail is a constitutional amendment – and as such it’s not up for debate! Second, the bail amount is [...]

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Google Adwords Bans Bail Bonds Advertising

2018-08-03T10:23:00+00:00 By |In The News|

Bail Bonds Agencies Can No Longer Market Using Google Adwords Google, through a blog post published in early May 2018, announced a new policy that disallows ads promoting bail bond services. What drove Google to this decision? Are bail bonds service providers really that bad? Why Google Banned Bail Bonds Adwords According to Google, their [...]

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