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January 2019

Beth Chapman – A Bright Light for the Bail Bonds Service Industry

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Beth Chapman - Champion For The Bail Bonds Industry "I will fight – and fight hard- to keep our profession going and growing." These are some of the famous words uttered by Beth Chapman regarding the bail bonds industry after she was elected as president of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS), [...]

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August 2018

Bail Reform – Just Say NO!

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Bail Reform – Just Say NO!! Bail Reform – better known as Catch and Release – had reared its ugly head in the state of Texas. First, lets get a few things straight. The right to bail is a constitutional amendment – and as such it’s not up for debate! Second, the bail amount is [...]

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Google Adwords Bans Bail Bonds Advertising

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Bail Bonds Agencies Can No Longer Market Using Google Adwords Google, through a blog post published in early May 2018, announced a new policy that disallows ads promoting bail bond services. What drove Google to this decision? Are bail bonds service providers really that bad? Why Google Banned Bail Bonds Adwords According to Google, their [...]

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April 2018

Calculating The Average Cost To Post Bail In Dallas County Texas

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How Bail Bondsman Calculate The Cost To Post Bail In Dallas, Texas A bail is a property, a cash or a bond that someone who has been arrested gives to court in order to compel him/her to appear in court when ordered to do so. Once the bail issued, if the defendant fails to appear in [...]

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July 2014

Texas No Refusal Weekend

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Advice From Dallas Bail Bonds Company Thinking About Having One For The Road? Better Think Again!! Just a reminder from Southern Bail Bonds Dallas that this 4th of July weekend is a No Refusal weekend. What that means is if an officer requests that you take a test to determine whether or [...]

May 2014

April 2014

Randy Quaid Sues Bail Bond Company

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Randy Quaid Sues Bail Bonds Company Randy Quaid, the down and out actor, and his wife Evi were arrested for burglary and illegal squatting in the guest house of their former residence back in September, 2010. Since then they have missed court dates and attempted to flee to Canada claiming they were being persecuted in [...]

February 2014

Michael Dunn Loud Music Murder Trial

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Loud Music Murder Trial. A Florida jury is now deliberating the fate of a white Florida resident accused of murdering a black teen during an argument at a gas station over the teen’s loud music. The jury’s decision could come today in this highly watched and highly publicized case. Michael Dunn claims he acted in [...]