Rudy’s Chicken

What can we say! Rudy’s Chicken came on the scene back in the 1990’s and it definitely looks like they are here to stay.  If you’re looking for the real deal down home Southern style fried chicken joint, bay-beyy pull up a chair!

The Southern sector of Dallas is filled with fantastic restaurants.  No matter what your taste buds desire, they can be satisfied in this culturally diverse area of Dallas can handle it.

You want fine dining, we got it.  You got a taste for some serious bar-b-que, we got that too.  But if it’s chicken you want, don’t bother looking for Colonel Sanders cause he’s probably over at Rudy’s eating a 4 piece dark with fries.

Setting Expectations

Ok, first let’s set expectations here.  Rudy’s Chicken is a ‘to-go’ joint only.  No inside seating is available at all, so know-before-you-go.  And it’s cash only.  You can either go through the drive-thru or you can order at the walk-up window.  During their busiest times the wait could be as long as half an hour to 45 minutes.  We can already feel the eye-rolls, but we promise the food is worth the wait.

The building is new but still unassuming.  The restaurant build-out was part of the revitalization project in progress for Lancaster Rd. and partially funded by the City of Dallas.  We feel like it was money well spent.  Rudy’s Chicken is an icon in Dallas, TX and an anchor in Lancaster Kiest Shopping Center community.

But this 3115 S. Lancaster Rd. spot isn’t his first location.  Before this location was built, Rudy’s was located across the road from the current location.  The operation was moved when Rudy generously agreed to work with the City of Dallas on making room for the Lancaster Urban Village, a mixed-use development that was vital to the revitalization efforts for the area.  And Rudy’s land was vital to making the project work.

So he worked in tandem with the City where both parties came out with a win-win.  And we’re happy they did!  The deal was good for Dallas and the success of Rudy’s Chicken is good for the community.

So, back to this chicken though!  As mentioned earlier, it’s take-out only.  The day I went I found a decent parking spot, placed my order and came back to eat in my vehicle.  I got plenty of napkins and already had water available.  Of course most of the water was for drinking, but I reserved a little to ‘wash’ my hands after eating.

I got a 3-piece, all thighs and made it my business to get to the bottom of that basket.  The chicken was excellent, the fries were good and hot and the pepper just topped things off.  It came with 2 slices of regular white bread.  I didn’t eat those.  Not because I’m on a diet (which I should be), but because I was perfectly full without it.

If you want to hit Rudy’s Chicken, here’s the address:
Rudy’s Chicken
3115 S. Lancaster Rd.
Dallas, TX 75216

About The Cedar Crest Area

Rudy’s Chicken is in the Cedar Crest area of Dallas, TX. Cedar Crest has a population of just over 63,000 residents and is located in Dallas County. It is a mature area that offers it’s residents a very suburban close knit feel. Cedar Crest is a great area for families or singles. Living in Cedar Crest offers a variety of activities, restaurants, parks, theatres and schools. Most of the residents own their homes and take pride in maintaining their properties. There are also several rentals in the area. Zip codes in the Cedar Crest area include 75216, 75203 and 75207. If you’re looking for a hip vibe that is laid back, the Cedar Crest area of Dallas, TX may be just the place.

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