I couldn’t believe it – here we go AGAIN!! Another psychopath has decided to take the lives of innocent people, this time in our nation’s capital! I have so many thoughts and emotions about these types of events that I don’t even know where to start. How did we get here? Over the past 25 years it appears these mass killings are happening more and more.

  • Is it because as a society we have distanced ourselves from each other?
  • Is it because so many people have the attitude that they don’t want to get involved when they see things that aren’t right?
  • Maybe it’s because our country has generated so many individuals who feel “enfusion_titled” that when things don’t go their way, they believe violence is the only answer.
  • I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read and heard from actual friends about their kids getting mad at them because they didn’t buy the kid the exact car they wanted, or a particular gaming station, or the outfit by the designer that is popular with the other kids at school this week!

I wonder how many signs this most recent shooter displayed that were totally ignored because nobody wanted to get involved? I’m asking these questions because, like you, I don’t have the answers. All I know is that I am saddened by today’s events and I pray for the victims, families and Emergency Responders that don’t get to just watch this on TV then go to bed, and have their world be ok in the morning!

I’m asking everyone to Please Pray For This Country!

So sad ๐Ÿ™

Author: Patrick Hill