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At Southern Bail Bonds Dallas, we are here to help you and your family through the Oklahoma immigration bonds process.  Our agents can post immigration bonds for any ICE detention center in Oklahoma or around the U.S.

Whenever someone is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) an Immigration Agent or Judge determines the amount of the immigration bond that must be paid before the alien can be released.

Just like other types of bail bonds, Oklahoma immigration bonds act as a guarantee that the detainee being released will appear all of their immigration court hearings, no matter how many, and that the detainee will abide by any and all requests made by the Department of Homeland Security. An alien who is released from detention through an immigration bond must also be prepared to report to Immigration at any time that he or she is asked to do so, as well as depart from the United States upon order from the Immigration Judge.

Why Work With Southern Bail Bonds Dallas for Oklahoma Immigration Bail Bonds?

Southern Bail Bonds Dallas has the expertise and knowledge to get your immigration bail bonds processed quickly, and with a minimum amount of effort.  Our fast, friendly professional agents are very familiar with the immigration bonds process, and we have vast experience in working with ICE, ICE detention centers and field office around the country.  Through experience, we have learned many of the nuances between various detention centers, and which detention centers may require that little bit of “extra effort” to get a loved one back home in a timely manner.

Will all detainees be granted immigration bonds?

Unfortunately, the straight answer is No.  Not all detainees will be granted a bond on their first hearing.  If you have someone that’s in immigration detention, don’t be disheartened if they do not receive a bond on their first hearing.  It does not necessarily mean they will be immediately deported.  The detainee may be able to request an additional immigration bail bond hearing that will be set for a later date.

How Does ICE Determine Who Gets Oklahoma Immigration Bail Bonds?

Although the ultimate decision on granting immigration bonds is controlled by the judge or immigration officer reviewing the case, there is base criteria used for Oklahoma immigration bonds in determining whether or not a bond will be granted.  Some of those factors include:

  • No mandatory deportation orders exist.
  • Prior criminal history, i.e., previous arrests, convictions and interactions with law enforcement officers
  • Local family connections or ties (whether or not the detainee has immediate family here and possible special circumstances related to those family members)
  • Any participation in treasonous activities
  • Financial status (will the detainee become a burden to the State or Government)
  • Previous deportation orders
  • Any previously missed court hearings

Southern Bail Bonds always suggest consulting with a qualified immigration attorney to get accurate, up-to-date information on any immigration bond matters.

This is not a complete list, but it should provide a general idea of some of the things an ICE official will consider when making their determination on setting an immigration bond.

Who Can Pay An Oklahoma Immigration Bond?

Oklahoma immigration bonds can be paid for by anyone, as long as the person paying has a legal U.S. status.  That person can make the payment at their nearest Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.  As long as the person being released on bond appears at all of their hearings and abides by the final decision of the court, whether that means winning their case or being given a deportation order, the person who posted the bond will have their bond money refunded.

What If I Can’t Pay The Total Immigration Bond Fee?

If you need assistance with posting immigration bonds in Oklahoma for your friend or loved one, Southern Bail Bonds Dallas can help.  We can post immigration bail bonds for detainees in any ICE detention center in the US.

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Oklahoma ICE Detention Centers

David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center
300 N. Denver Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone: 918-596-8910

Grady County Law Enforcement Center
215 North 3rd Street
Chickasha, OK 73018
Phone: 405-222-1000
See map: Google Maps

Kay County Detention Center
1101 West Dry Road
Newkirk, OK 74647
Phone: 580-362-3393