Oak Cliff Bail Bonds

You just got THAT phone call. You know the one – “hey, you won’t believe this, but I’ve been arrested, can you help me post bail?!” Now you’re wondering what you’re suppose to do next. If your friend or family member has been arrested in Oak Cliff and they are depending on you for assistance, we can help you with any of your Oak Cliff Bail Bonds needs. At Southern Bail Bonds we have years of experience in the bail bond industry and understand the Dallas County, Collin County and Harris County jail systems and are experts in dealing with all types Texas Bail Bonds.

What You Can Expect If You’re Arrested In Oak Cliff

After an arrest the defendant will be taken to the Dallas County Lew Sterrett detention center for booking. At the detention center they will be fingerprinted, searched, photographed and finally, booked in.  The defendant will be placed in a holding area while their background is checked for any possible wants or warrants. Once the background search is complete they will go before a judge to be arraigned (to hear their charges and have the terms of their bail bonds set.)  The arraignment typically takes place within 8 – 10 hours of the arrest, depending on the time of day.  Offenses can be either felony, misdemeanor or traffic (DUI/DWI) related.

Release From Jail after Oak Cliff Arrest

If you’re looking for an Oak Cliff Bail Bonds company, we’re here to help. We are conveniently located in the heart of Oak Cliff at Hwy 67 and Polk St. We process bail bonds quickly and provide professional service that is second to none. Our Oak Cliff Bail Bonds Agents have the expertise to handle any felony, misdemeanor or traffic related bail bond quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

At Southern Bail Bonds, we can arrange Bail Bonds processing to ensure your loved one or friend is released as quickly as possible with quick approvals and no hidden fees.  We specialize in No Credit Check Dallas County bail bonds and Easy Payment Terms.

It is very important that you fully understand how the Dallas Bail Bonds process works, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide information on what you can expect throughout the entire bail bond process.

If you’re looking for Bail Bonds in Oak Cliff you’ve come to the right place! Call Us Now at 214-372-2500  – We can start the bail bond process right over the phone!  Click here for directions to our office.

Other legal venues in Oak Cliff include Justice Court Precinct 1 (Justice of the Peace Court), which is located just up the road from our office at 7201 S. Polk St. If you’ve often wondered just exactly what Justice of the Peace courts actual handle, here’s a short description:

* Fine-only Misdemeanor Criminal Cases
* Civil Cases up to $10,000
* Evictions
* Truancy
* Magistrate functions
* De Facto Notary Public

Here’s An Infographic of Texas Courts

Court Structure - Dallas, TX

The primary function of the Justice is to hold civil court for both justice and small claims as quickly and judiciously as possible to relieve the caseload of the higher courts. In addition to these functions the court has criminal jurisdiction of such cases as bad checks, truancy, some traffic offenses, issue peace bonds and hold hearings on the same. The Justice of the Peace Court in Texas performs magisterial duties such as accepting criminal complaints, ordering arrests, issuing search warrants, conducting examining trials and appointing legal counsel.