I Can’t Go To Court Because I Have To Evaporate!”

Ok, this didn’t happen to me, I just read it. And as I’ve said many times, sometimes I just see stuff and think it’s funny!

(This phone call happened a month after hurricane Ike came through, and one of our clients missed his court date.)

Me: “Sir, why did you miss your court date?”
Client: “I’m not going back to jail! I missed court because I’m not back from the evaporation yet.”
Me: “Uh…what?”
Client: “I had to evaporate up north.”
Me: “…really? Evaporate? How did you do that? Was it painful?”
Client: “No! We rode a bus! What don’t you understand about having to evaporate?! I’m not going back to jail!”
Me: *sigh*