Recent Bail Bonds Scam Alert – What To Look Out For

According to a local news source, there is a bail bond scam alert occurring throughout the Gulf coast. A victim says that someone from a 515 number is calling him as his “bail bonds” agent and requesting to receive money over the phone.

Police and detectives are monitoring this case closely. The perpetrator has already collected several of hundreds of dollars from people in the coast that are being affected by this scam.

The scammer claims to be Travis when he calls into his victims and simply states that they owe money for posting out of court or something in a similar fashion.

How To Protect Yourself

So you don’t get caught up in this scandal, make sure you reach out to a local bail bondsman near you. There can’t really be any fake ones throughout the internet using a Google search. Many times, you’ll find a professional bondsman that way.

Always ask the caller to verify where they’re from. What company they’re from, and most importantly ask if they are local and feel them out. These scammers have a quick way to get your money and make it seem like it was the right thing to do.

In Conclusion

Only work with a professional bail bondsman – someone who is credible and well known throughout the area. For example, if you’re in need of bail bonds you could start by doing a simple Google search to see who is popular in the area and work with them on your project. It would only make sense as they have a strong background doing bail bonds etc

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