Immigration Bail Bonds Dallas

Immigration Bail Bonds Dallas If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for information on immigration bail bonds in Dallas. You’ve come to the right place. Our Dallas immigration bail bond specialists can help you navigate the immigration bond process and help you get the answers you need.

Do you need to locate your family member or loved one? Click here to use the I.C.E. inmate locator. You can look them up using their Alien Number (sometimes called “A” number) or their name, date of birth and their country of origin.

What Are Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bonds can be used to gain release from a detention center when an immigrant has been detained due to issues with their immigration status. Maybe they originally had permission to be in the country and did not leave by a required date. Maybe they are in the process of applying for residency and ran into issues with their application that didn’t get processed in time. Maybe they gained entry into the country illegally and are trying to work through the process. This is where Southern Bail Bonds can help with immigration bail bonds Dallas.

Whatever their immigration status may be, the immediate situation is that they are facing deportation hearings. To go through the whole deportation hearing process can take several months to a few years. Either way, immigration bail bonds can provide a means for the immigrant to come out of the detention center and continue working and being a productive member of society while awaiting their hearings.

The immigration bond is a guarantee that, if released from detention, the detainee will appear for all deportation hearings and will abide by the final decision of the court. That decision could be to allow the person can remain in the country while working through the residency application process, or the decision could be that the person has to leave the country by a certain date in the future.

An Immigration Bond Does Not Equal Residency Status

Just to be clear – if a person is released from detention on an immigration bond that does not mean they have been granted any type of residency or citizenship. And a bond does not mean the end of deportation hearings. It simply means the person and/or their family is guaranteeing they will show up for all hearings.

Who Can Get Immigration Bail Bonds

In order to be eligible for an immigration bond, a detainee must be able to prove they are not a flight risk and they are not a danger to the community. There are instances where a detainee won’t be eligible for a bond. For instance, if they have particular criminal convictions, or if they have previously been deported. Additionally, if a detainee is being uncooperative with I.C.E. officials or won’t answer questions, or it appears the detainee isn’t answering questions truthfully, they may not be given a bond.

If the detainee has a lawyer, it is always suggested that they speak with their lawyer so they can get the advise of legal council.

How Long Does It Take To Get Immigration Bonds

Usually, if the detainee is eligible, their bond will be assigned the same day they were detained. But there are times when immigration bail bonds won’t be assigned until a later date. Each case is different and will be decided on based on the individual detainee’s situation. All bonds have to be paid in full before the detainee can be released.

If you need assistance with immigration bail bonds in Dallas, give our friendly agents a call. We will be happy to assist you with the immigration bonds process no matter what detention facility your loved one is in. We can help you get your bond posted quickly.

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