Immigration Bail Bonds In Dallas: What You Need To Know

Dallas Immigration Bail Bonds

Dallas Texas is a city in the southern portion of the US, not too far from Mexico, so naturally, you may be wondering how are immigration arrests and prosecutions enforced here? Unlike a Connecticut Bail Bonds agent, Dallas agents work much more frequently with immigration clients. We have experience posting immigration bail bonds and can often assist families who need to post bonds for their loved ones. Undocumented immigrants can be are arrested for a few different reasons. Those reasons can really range from minor misdemeanor charges to felony charges, to being involved in an ICE raid. Either way, the results are the same – they may be taken to a county detention facility first, but eventually they will be transported to one of the ICE detention centers. That’s where Southern Bail Bonds Dallas can help!

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Is the immigrant’s bail bond different than those who are U.S citizens? After all, the United States follows a very similar process throughout the states when it comes to the judicial process. The immigrant is arrested, thrown in a jail cell, and then that immigrant is set out by a judge with a set bail amount.

Dallas, TX is the location for the ICE detention center in North Texas. If your loved one was arrested in the North Texas area, chances are good that they were taken to the detention center in Dallas.

Getting Bailed Out As An Undocumented Immigrant

The immigrant’s arrest process is a little different than a citizen’s arrest in Dallas Texas. If they have criminal charges they will still see a magistrate and have bail set for those charges. But instead of being allowed to post bond for those charges and leave, undocumented immigrants will also be transferred to an I.C.E facility to have a hearing on the status of their eligibility to stay in the U.S.

During the ICE hearing a judge or other government official will make the determination if an immigration bond will be set or not. If a bond is set, the official will also determine which type of bond the detainee will receive. It is at this point, after the bond has been set, that the family can start working on their loved one’s release. The family will have the option to either pay the full amount of the bond directly to the detention facility or they can our firm to assist with posting the bond if they do not have all of the funds available.

At Southern Bail Bonds Dallas we are ready to help your family with getting your loved one back home. Our professional Dallas Bail Bondsman will get the ball rolling as soon as we receive your call.

What Are Your Next Steps For Immigration Bail Bonds In Dallas?

Collect the following details and have the information ready when you give us a call:
– Full Name
– Alien Number (A-Number)
– Location of Detention Facility
– Date of Birth of Detainee
– Country of Origin

This will allow us to locate the detainee and get the process started. If there are county charges, where possible, we will be happy to assist with those charges as well. We recommend you understand the Dallas Bail Bonds process and we are happy to provide any additional information you may need or answer any questions you may have about the bonding process or hiring a professional bail bondsman.

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