A Short History Of Dallas Texas

history of dallas texas

Dallas Texas is one of the largest cities in the state. With a large business landscape and population count, Dallas has an interesting short little backstory. In this post, we’re going to shortly dig into the history of Dallas and how it was colonized.

Before the Dallas area was claimed it was inhabited by the Caddo. During the 16th century, the area was claimed by French. The 1819 Adams-Onis treaty placed the area under Spanish territory. Dallas was under Spanish rule till 1821 the time when Mexico gained independence from Spain.

Texas independence

Texas broke from the Mexican state and remained as an independent country for about 10 years. In 1839 John Neely Bryan was looking for a trading post to allow him to serve the Native Americans and the settlers.

He then proceeded to draw intersection trails at Caddo. He returned to his Arkansas home only to return to Dallas in 1841 and found all Native Americans had been removed from the area due to a treaty which was signed to get them out. Instead of establishing a trading post, he decided to set up a permanent settlement.

Dallas during the civil war

In 1861 Dallas County was in favor of secession. A state war was declared in 1861 June but it did not damage the state due to the location of Dallas according to this article. The history of Dallas is really intriguing and you should really look into it more.

You can find a lot of more information regarding the history of Dallas Texas by clicking here.

In Conclusion

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