The bail bonds agent will need certain information in order to process your bond quickly. Try to gather as much of the information listed below as possible; it will certainly help speed the process:

  • Know the jail or at least what city the person in custody is in. (If the defendant calls you from jail, be sure to ask exactly what jail they are in. Many large counties have a main jail but may have smaller jails for each of the suburbs around the city. If they don’t know the exact name of the jail, see if they can at least give you the name of the city.
  • What is the exact name and book-in number of person in jail? The book-in number is helpful but we can generally get that information directly from the jail as long as we have the name of the jail and the name of the defendant.
  • Do you already know the amount of the bond? It’s helpful for the agent, but most agents will need to call the jail anyway to get additional information, so you not knowing the bond amount isn’t a show stopper.
  • Is there more than one charge? Often a defendant will have more than one charge. Bonds will need to be set for all of the charges in order for the defendant to be released on bail. For example: if a defendant has 3 charges but only has bonds set on 2 of the charges, posting bond for those 2 will not allow the defendant to be released because they will be continue to be held on the charge where no bond amount was set.

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