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Everything You Need to Know About Dallas 75216 And The Surrounding Area

Southern Bail Bonds Dallas loves to brag on our city! The place has so much more to see, enjoy, and hang out at with your friends and family. Let us have a look at everything you should know about the area around 75216.

The area 75216 is generally known as the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. Oak Cliff was a town of its own but was then incorporated into the City of Dallas. Oftentimes it is still referred to as Oak Cliff, TX. People who reside here are mostly African American. There is a total of 19,261 housing units. The total land area is 14.62 sq mi.

Real estate values are sometimes lower in 75216 than in other parts of the country. This can be a big plus if you’re looking for good housing while working with a lower budget. You can easily find cheaper houses here. The average rent for a 2-bedroom house is $500-$749 per month. This rent even sometimes includes the utilities. This area has a variety of houses available for a mortgage as well as for renting. There are options like apartments and townhouses and you will love them.

The 75216 area has a current unemployment rate of 5.8%, which is a bit higher than the county’s rate of 4.2 percent, lower than the state’s rate of 6.0 percent, and higher than the national average of 5.2 percent.

Things You Can Find in ZipCode 75216

If you’re thinking of moving to the area, let us give you some more insights to help you make up your mind to live in the Oaks Cliff area of 75216 visitors spots.
If you are planning a trip to ZipCode 75216 there are some places you must not miss checking out. For instance, the beautiful museums, fascinating cultural places, sightseeing, architectural historical buildings, parks, art galleries, bus tours, and shopping malls. There is still so much more to explore and enjoy.

Perot Museum

If you are a person who loves nature and science the perfect place for you is Perot Museum. It will provide an unforgettable experience for you. Inside there is a 300-seat digital cinema theatre, 14 levels of exhibition space. It also includes a children’s museum and a specific space for traveling exhibitions.

Museum of Art

The Museum of Art is a treat for the eyes of many people. It has this whole life inside it. The institution has almost 25000 pieces of art. The works are simply amazing and awe-inspiring if you love historic artifacts. People from around the world come to see some unique sculptures and other arts.

Winspear Opera House

The area around 75216 is not just about history and arts. There is so much more to this place when it comes to entertainment. The Winspear Opera House is one hell of a place. Two Opera lovers Margot and Bill Winspear built it. Another fun place you can visit with your friends and family is The Bomb Factory. This place is full of life, music, dance, and laughs. The events happen every day and you can have one of your books on its website.

Cruiser Tour

Outdoor activities for the visitors include Cruiser Tour or Bus Tour. The electric Cruisers Tour is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your family. The ticket costs $25.62 per person only. It takes you sightseeing and you can capture the memories. You can use Dallas City Pass to roam around the ZipCode 75216 famous 9 places.

Freedman’s Memorial

To see monuments and statues you can visit the most amazing Freedman’s Memorial. The place is big and the statues are undeniably beautiful. One of the monuments depicts Abraham Lincoln holding a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation as he is releasing a male African slave. Archer Alexander modeled this amazing artwork. It holds great importance in the history of the United States.

Food Places

Jimmy’s Food Store
This place offers a glass of fine Italian wine and food. They serve the best meatballs and sandwiches. You can have the perfect wine dinner with your spouse if you are living or visit ZipCode 75216.

Rise n1

It is a great place to be for savory soufflés. It is one of the most professional restaurants at 75216. The food they serve is always so fresh and it gives a great vibe as they have an open kitchen which looks amazing.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

If you love meat Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is the place for you. The staff is outstanding and you cannot just miss that juicy steak. They always cook the steak perfectly and the wine choices are more than you can imagine. They pamper their customers with a nice and welcoming ambiance.

Maple leaf Diner

For perfect morning flavors choose Maple leaf Diner. They make delicious breakfast. The mini cream puffs are a treat to the tongue. The French Toast and bacon are a kick to your tummy as the flavors are outstanding.

Saint Martin’s Wine Bistro

This wine-themed Wine Bistro is the most classical dim light area where you can spend the whole evening sitting with your partner. Live music gives this place a romantic vibe. The service is sophisticated and the staff is friendly. The food Is so delicious that you should try it if you are visiting ZipCode 75216.


The educational opportunities are endless is the areas that include Zip Code 75216 and surrounding areas. Dallas, TX offers the most amazing educational system for all ages. It provides high-quality education and practical activities for your little one.

Trinity Heights Gifted and Talented School

They provide high-quality education for all classes. The students not only get a good education but also teach Arts, Science, and Games. Children learn and practice what is best for their lives in the long run. The school provides them with all the facilities to learn and progress in all grades.

Boude Storey Middle School

The curriculum is structured around Languages, Arts, Music, and Reading. It is to make the task easy for the students to learn and understand what they follow at school. The quality of the education at the Boude Storey is awesome.

If you are looking for an exceptional education experience ZipCode 75216 is the place for you.

Hotels In And Around Zip Code 75216

For a comfortable and memorable stay ZipCode, 75261 has the best hotels that come with huge accommodation and other facilities.

Omni Dallas Hotel

They provide a healthy and safe environment. From morning cappuccino to late night, a full-service spa and terrace pool deck give breathtaking views of the skyline, while seven eateries cater to your every need. The Omni Dallas offers contemporary luxury that is both sustainable and refined.

Fairfield Inn

Looking for something a little more budget minded? Our downtown hotels near ZipCode 75261 offer tastefully equipped facilities such as free Wi-Fi, luxurious mattresses, and flat-screen TVs. Host your event on a warm evening on our lovely patio, which includes an outdoor pool and grill.

Towne Place Suites

You can have the best stay at the very famous Towne Place Suites. They provide a high-quality living for all their customers. It provides an elegant living standard. Each apartment is equipped with a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and high-quality cooling. Whenever you enter the place, the complimentary shuttles will be at your service.

The Statler Dallas, Curio Collection

For luxury living choose a business suite as it provides Wi-Fi iPads, Smart HDTVs, and Nespresso coffee. These are some amazing features high-tech features available in our exquisite rooms and suites. Pamper yourself with the minibar in the room and have a nice wine with your partner.

To conclude, the area comprising zip code 75216, along with the surrounding area has a vast art collection, fascinating historical museums. Amusement parks and cultural traditions. The place is worth the visit if you are planning a vacation or destination wedding over even your honeymoon. Make the most out of your visit to the historic area of 75216.

Bail Bonds

During the Bail Bonds process, many times we work with family members who come in from out of town to process their loved ones bail bonds in Dallas, TX. When this happens, we are often asked about what there is to do in and around the city while they are waiting on their loved ones to be released from jail. We’ve come up with this list and actually have many more suggestions.

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