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Well, actually this has nothing to do with Bail Bonds Dallas. As I’ve send in the past, sometimes I just see stuff or hear stuff and have to share.

So…I’m sitting in a restaurant for dinner and the group at the table next to me is obviously in town for a business trip – I can tell this by their discussion to hit certain Dallas area sites before they leave town. Nothing unusual there, but then a guy in the group starts telling this story about a previous trip him and some other colleagues were on where they decided to stop and get something to eat after they had left the office on their way to their hotel.

Evidently, after they reached whatever restaurant they had chosen, it was at that point they decided they didn’t want to carry their laptops into the restaurant (THAT’S the part that got my attention :-D! I already knew where this was going but I figured I’d sit quietly, finish my dinner, and see if I was correct).

Back to the story…

Someone in the group decided it would be a good idea to put all the laptops in the truck of the rental car (I’m thinking “Seriously?!? – you can’t possibly be that – well, anyway). So they’re in the parking lot of this restaurant during their busiest time and decide to pop the truck and place the laptops inside, thinking they would be safe!

For some odd reason the group was TOTALLY surprised when they finished their meal, got back to the rental car and saw the trunk had been pried open and the laptops were GONE! Then, adding insult to injury, the restaurant staff was not sympathetic at all, and even pointed out that the whole front of the restaurant was windows so there were probably 50 – 75 people that saw them put the laptops in the trunk.  Duh <forehead smack>!

And from the way the rest of the story went, the police and their employer didn’t have much compassion either! What made it amusing was that the guy telling this tale thought the restaurant staff, police and employer were all being real jerks!  Each had been told by the employer that if they were going to be that careless with company equipment, the next time the cost of the laptops would be taken out of their pay!

I’m sitting there shaking my head, thinking ‘dude, I bet they don’t have traffic on your little planet either, huh?’  I don’t think it ever dawned on him that the whole situation could have been avoided.

Lesson here: just using a LITTLE common sense will take you a long way! We’ve all seen the parking lot signs that say “HIDE, LOOK, TAKE”. If you’re trying to hide something valuable, don’t hide it while a hundred strangers are looking. Kinda defeats the purpose!

Author: Patrick Hill

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