Immigration Bail Bonds Facts You Must Know In Dallas

Dallas Texas Immigration bail bonds

Immigrations Bail Bonds

Most undocumented immigrants are entitled to an immigration bond if he or she has been arrested by the Department of Homeland Security Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) either through an arrest warrant or any other means that ends with the immigrant being taken into custody. Immigration bonds are similar to other bail bonds in that their intent is also meant to guarantee the appearance in court of a person accused of violating the law.

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The amount of the bond must be sufficient to ensure that the detainee appears for all subsequent immigration procedures. Most detainees will be considered for bonds during a hearing process held by an immigration judge or other official at the detention center where the person is being held. As long as the detainee can demonstrate that their release does not pose a threat to property or persons and that he or she may appear for any future proceedings in connection with the satisfaction of the immigration officer, there is a very good chance a bond will be granted.

A immigration bonds company can provide an immigration bond only after the judge determines that the detainee is allowed to be released bond. Of course it is also possible for family members or friends to post the full bond amount at the detention center, but many families may need to use a bonding service. When contacting an immigration bail bonds company, the person calling will need to have some basic information already available. The bonding company will need to know the detainee’s full name, their Alien Number (A-Number), the detention center where they are being held and their country of origin. These basic requirements are similar to the requirements for state and local bonds. Most immigration bonds require collateral before posting, so be prepared to either provide collateral that has a value equal to the bond, or work out other arrangements with the bonding company. Some immigration bond companies will assist with financing your immigration bond with the proper documentation and downpayment. This is something you will need to discuss directly with your immigration bail bonds agent as each case is different.

Immigration bonds require a license from a surety company that provides for federal level bonds. ensure you are working with a reputable Texas immigration bail bonds company when going the bonding process. Also, be aware that if a detainee does not appear in court when required, the bond will be forfeited with no return of the bond money that was paid, and if collateral was used, that collateral may be forfeited as well. Language barriers often provide another problem with immigration bond processing. The professionals at Southern Bail Bonds are equipped to work through any language barrier that arise and ensure the person posting the bond is well aware of every aspect of the process.

It is important to note that a release secured by immigration bonds does not guarantee that a person will not be deported from the country. This just ensures that the detainee being released will have the freedom and ability to meet with their attorney, continue working their jobs and have the ability to lawyers take other steps necessary to correct their legal situations while waiting on their pending case.

The fundamentals of immigration release on bail in Dallas

The use of an immigration bond is a legal option for the release of a person being detained due to undocumented residential status. You should understand that being released on an immigration bond does not mean that the charge has been dropped The detainee’s case may be helped by demonstrating they are willing to follow court orders and appear in court whenever necessary.

Detainees should still enlist the services of a good, well qualified attorney when working through any type of residency or immigration proceedings citizenship in the United States. The bond itself allows you to be released from the detention center, with certain conditions, while you continue working towards a positive outcome for your case. After being released in this process, you must appear for court hearings and report to immigration officials when required.

The right to immigration in Dallas Texas

Not all undocumented immigrants who have a hearing will be granted an immigration bond. Some conditions prohibit the issuance of bonds to the applicant. This may vary dependant on the location of the arrest. For example, a need for new haven CT bail bonds may vary from bail bonds in Dallas.

• If you previously received a deportation order, you may not be eligible for an immigration bond.
• If you have a criminal record, such as serving a prison sentence for a criminal offense, that record may prohibit a detainee from acquiring a bond.
• People deemed to be a risk to the community or a risk to national security may also be denied release on via immigration bail bonds.

Two types of immigration Bonds In Dallas

Be that as it may, individuals detained for ICE immigration reasons who are granted bond will most likely be granted either a voluntary exit bond or a delivery bond.

A Delivery Bond allows for the detainee to be released from detention why awaiting the determination of their case. The decision of the case will determine if they will be deported or allowed to remain in the U.S. based on certain provisions. The Delivery bond is a guarantee that the alien will appear for all hearings related to their deportation case. As mentioned earlier, if the detainee gets released on a delivery bond and does not show up for their hearings the bond will be forfeited and no money or collateral will be returned to the person posting the bond.

A Voluntary Exit bond allows the detainee to leave the country on their own by a specified date. The exit bond, payable to ICE, is returned after departure. However, the money will be forfeited if the detainee does not leave as agreed.

The cost of immigration bails in Dallas Texas

The amount is set by either an immigration judge or other ICE official. Factors such as the immigration status of a detainee, his or her criminal history, employment status, and other details may play a role in determining the amount of the bond. Only the official setting the bond has the final determination.

If the judge believes that releasing the detainee on bail would be risky, the bond amount could be set at a higher level. The minimum amount is 1500 US dollars for delivery and 500 US dollars for the exit bond as a whole.

The role of Immigration Bail Bonds Agents

When your family member, friend or loved one has been arrested due to immigration issues in the U.S., the services of an experienced professional Immigration Bail Bonds agent can make all the difference for you and your family. We can assist with getting the bonds posted. Even if you don’t have 100% of the collateral we may still be able to help.

Immigration bonds have specific rules and requirements that may be a bit different to other types of jail release bonds. Southern Bail Bonds does not offer legal counseling, and always suggest anyone seeking information on applying for citizenship or needing representation during deportation proceedings should seek the advice of a qualified attorney.

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