Dallas County Judge Hit With Protective Order For Assault

District Judge Carlos Cortez was charged with assault last week after his girlfriend alleged she was dragged by her hair to the balcony of his apartment in Uptown, was choked and was held against the balcony railing by her neck. Police were notified of a disturbance at his address in the 3000 block of McKinney Avenue. When the police arrived, the woman said both her and Cortez had been drinking earlier and got into a fight.

Cortez was arrested and charged with assault, family violence and impeding breathing/circulation, and was placed under a protective order where he is not to come within 500 feet of the woman and is to have no communications with her or her family members. Cortez was released on a $15,000 bond.

Judge Cortez filed a motion where he denied the allegations and stated that he was trying to prevent his girlfriend from jumping off the balcony. In Cortez’s motion he implies the woman had been mixing prescription drugs and alcohol and was attempting to jump from his balcony.

Visiting Judge Richard Mays ruled that the hearing would continue and the protective order will remain in place, but did not set a date.

Author: Patrick Hill

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