Kevin Krause at recently ran an excellent article on the study that was performed by a University of Texas at Dallas professor. The study, which was done by criminology professor Robert G. Morris, showed that one out of every four criminal defendants fail to show up for court.

Per Kevin’s article:

“Morris approached county commissioners in 2011 about conducting the analysis. Commissioners accepted his offer, saying they wanted to find out which method of pretrial release works best and saves the most money.

Releasing defendants while they await trial clears room in the county jails, saving the county millions of dollars that would have to be spent on food, medical service and housing.

The study, which examined the cases of more than 22,000 defendants who were released from the county jails in 2008, concluded that those released on commercial bail bonds were more likely to show up to court than those who posted cash or obtained a pretrial services bond or attorney bond.

As a result, the study concluded that bail bonds — the most commonly used method of pretrial release — were also the most cost-effective.”

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