Dallas Bail Bonds Co-Signer Responsibilities

So you just got THAT phone call! Your family member or friend as been arrested and they need your help. They’ve asked you to find a Dallas Bail Bonds company and get a bond posted as quickly as possible. You haven’t ever done this before, so you hit the internet and start searching, trying to find a company that is reputable and that will answer the many questions you have.

You call several bail bonds companies and start asking questions. You soon discover that getting bail bonds doesn’t just mean running down to the local bail bondsman’s office and forking over some cash, you’re going to be required to sign paperwork. That paperwork includes accepting the responsibility of being the Indemnitor for the bond – in other words – you will be required to co-sign for the bond which makes you responsible for paying the bond amount if the defendant doesn’t satisfy the requirements for keeping the bond in place.

Co-Signing For Bail Bonds Should Be Taken Seriously

When you’re dealing with Dallas Bail Bonds companies you should understand some basic principles regarding co-signing for a defendant’s bail. First, you should never co-sign for someone you don’t know, or for someone who you believe may not satisfy the requirements of the bond once they are released from jail. Those requirements will include checking in with the bail bonds company on a scheduled basis, and they will also include showing up for all court appearances on time until the case is resolved.

If you, the potential co-signer, feels the defendant is not reliable enough to perform these tasks, then you should think twice about indemnifying the bond. If you feel the defendant will comply with the requirements, then make sure you fully understand the responsibilities you are taking on as the co-signer.

Some of your responsibilities will include making sure the defendant gets to court on time for all appearances, making sure the defendant is checking in as scheduled, and notifying the bail bonds company if the defendant moves, changes phone numbers or is making plans to flee. You’ll want to ensure you understand all of the paperwork, and ask questions for anything you may not understand or are unclear about.

Bail Bonds Dallas Documents

You’ll be required to sign a series of documents. Make sure you read them all! The documents will will consists of some sort of indemnity agreement, a bail bond application form and possibly a promissory note if the bond fees are being paid over time. Once completed, these documents will bind you financially for any costs related to the bond that are generated due to the defendant not adhering to the bond requirements.

One misconception that some co-signers have is that they can get off the bond whenever they please. This seems to come up quite a bit when a girlfriend co-signs for her boyfriend. If, for whatever reason, their relationship goes south, the first thing they may want to do is call up the bail bonding company and request that they be taken off the bond. Sorry! but it just doesn’t work that way! If the personal relationship changes, that doesn’t effect the financial obligation for the co-signed bond. So make sure you are aware of your responsibilities before co-signing for any bonds.

At Southern Bail Bonds Dallas we will take the time to explain the entire process to you and will answer any questions you may have regarding co-signer responsibilities, the bail bond process, any paperwork involved and any other questions you have.

We’re here to assist you with getting your friend or loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. Our Dallas County Bail Bonds agents have years of experience in the Dallas Bail Bonds industry and we are enthusiastic about putting that knowledge and experience to work for you.

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