Dallas Bail Bonds and Credit

The short answer is “No”. Posting a Dallas bail bond, or any bail bonds for that matter, should have no effect on your credit whatsoever. Whether you’re posting bail bonds with the County or with a Dallas Bail Bondsman, your credit should not be a factor.

If you post a cash bond with the City or County, as long as the defendant makes all necessary court appearances the bond amount should be returned to you, minus any court related fees. These fees are generally minimal.

If you go though a Dallas Bail Bonds Agent, then the bond agent will post the bond on behalf of the defendant, and your premium will just be a portion of the total bond amount. Once the bond is posted by the bail bonds agent, then the premium is said to have been earned.

Just as posting a bond with the City or County does not affect your credit, working with a bail bonds agent to get a bond posted does not affect your credit either.

If, on the other hand, you’ve taken out a loan or been placed on a payment plan and you do not honor the payment agreement, there is a possibility that your credit can be affected. But of course, as the co-signer, you have complete control over this situation by simply staying in compliance with the terms of your agreement.

If you find that circumstances prevent you from making scheduled payments, then get in contact with your bond agent. Most agents will be happy to work with you and may possibly make adjustments to your payment plan to make it easier for you to remain on track. Remember, any time you’re dealing with a bond situation, communication is key!

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Author: Patrick Hill