Calculating The Average Cost To Post Bail In Dallas County Texas

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Calculating The Average Cost To Post Bail In Dallas County Texas

How Bail Bondsman Calculate The Cost To Post Bail In Dallas, Texas

A bail is a property, a cash or a bond that someone who has been arrested gives to court in order to compel him/her to appear in court when ordered to do so. Once the bail issued, if the defendant fails to appear in court as required, the court may decide to keep the bail as well as issue warrant of arrest for the defendant.

The same principle goes to show with other bail bonds such as immigration bail.

Bailing someone that you care about is a common process that many people go through. However, if it is your first time to bail someone out of jail, the first question that you will ask yourself is; how much does it cost to bail someone out of jail? Most people usually wonder how much it will cost to bail their loved ones out of jail.

How A Bail Bond Is Set – How Much Money Do You Need? 

How dallas county bail bonds are set

The person responsible for setting bail is the judge. Since many individuals usually want to get out of jail as soon as possible, most jails have set standards bail schedule that clearly specifies the amount to be paid for common crimes. If the person arrested is able to pay the amount that has been set, he/she will be released.

If the suspect wants to get out of jail but cannot afford the amount that has been set on the bail schedule, the individual can plead with the judge to lower the amount. The request to lower the bail can be granted through special bail hearing.

However, before the suspect is bailed out, he/she must comply with the conditions of release. If those conditions are violated, then the judge may revoke the bail and order re-arrest of the suspect.

What is the average cost to get bailed out of jail in Dallas?

The truth is that this question does not have a definite answer. The average cost to get bailed out of jail in United States varies depending on various factors. They include:

  1. The state that you reside

Different states charge different amount to bail suspects out of jail. For instance, in Alabama, the allowable bail premium is 10% while in North Carolina, general statue prohibits the bondsman from charging a premium that exceeds 15% of the amount of the bond.

  1. Type of crime

The variation in bond prices also depends on the type of crime. Serious crimes especially those that threaten the lives of others or those that threatens national security are much more serious when compared to petty crimes such as driving under influence. Serious crimes usually attract high bond price when compared to petty crimes.

  1. Prior arrest history

The number of times that you have been arrested also play a huge role in determining the amount that you will pay to be bailed out of jail. For instance, if you have been arrested many times before, then that will mean that you are a high risk suspect. As a result, the judge may order you to pay higher amount than the normal average cost.

In conclusion

the average amount that a person needs to pay to get bailed out of jail varies depending on the factors that we have mentioned above as well as the bail bondsman that you have hired. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Dallas County and are looking to get bailed out, start by contacting Southern Bail Bonds.

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