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November 2013

Philippines Disaster Relief – Please Help

2013-11-14T21:29:23+00:00 By |General News|

Philippines Disaster Relief As most of you already know, the Philippines was hit by a devastating typhoon (Haiyan) and they are struggling to survive. This post is a flat-out plea for help with their disaster relief efforts. If you have the ability, PLEASE reach out to the American Red Cross and make a donation to [...]

Reasons A Judge May Deny Bail

2013-11-03T20:45:17+00:00 By |General News|

Most individuals who are arrested are eligible for Dallas County Bail Bonds. But there are some instances where a Judge may deny a defendant the opportunity to be released on Dallas Bail Bonds. The main purpose of a bail bond is to ensure the defendant will appear in court to answer changes, and will continue [...]

October 2013

Dallas Bail Bonds Newest Staff Member

2013-10-04T16:55:23+00:00 By |General News|

Meet Rocky He's the newest staff member at Southern Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX. He's got a little American Staffordshire (pitbull), and a little Black Mouth Cur (southern hunting hound) and a whole lot of "Go Get'Em"! [imageframe style="border" bordercolor="#800000" bordersize="6px" stylecolor="" align=""] Southern Bail Bonds - Dallas, TX [/imageframe] He has [...]

August 2013

Labor Day Weekend

2013-08-30T13:06:38+00:00 By |General News|

Dallas Bail Bonds Holiday Message At Southern Bail Bonds We're wishing you a safe and happy holiday weekend: We know the Labor Day weekend is here, and many of us will be getting together with friends and family. Southern Bail Bonds in Dallas just wants to remind everyone to play it safe this weekend. Don't [...]