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October 2020

Posting Dallas Bail Bonds During COVID-19

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Posting Dallas Bail Bonds During COVID-19 Pandemic Life is still happening and you may need to post Dallas Bail Bonds even during this COVID-19 pandemic. Southern Bail Bonds Dallas understands this pandemic is real and we take it very seriously! We know that maintaining social distancing protocols is still very important and we want our [...]

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February 2019

Dallas Warrant Forgiveness – 2019

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Got Warrants? Dallas is offering its residents an opportunity to clear up their unpaid Class C citations that have gone into warrant status. But you have to hurry because this program only lasts from February 9, 2019 through February 13, 2019. The Dallas Marshals Office has partnered with the North Texas Food Bank to create [...]

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September 2017

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

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Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria To all our friends, family and co-workers affected by these devastating hurricanes, we at Southern Bail Bonds are praying for your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Here are a few links that may provide information on much needed assistance: Texas Services for Victims of Hurricane Harvey FEMA [...]

August 2017

Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey To all our friends, family and co-workers in the Houston and South Texas area, just know that we are thinking of you and praying for you during this crisis. We Love You - Please stay safe!! :-(

April 2017

Why Use A Dallas Bail Bonds Agent For Jail Release

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Using a Dallas Bail Bond Agent For Jail Release If your loved one has been arrested and you’ve decided to hire a Dallas bail bonds company to get them out of jail, you’ve made the right decision. Here’s why: a Dallas County Bail Bonds agent can get your friend or loved one out of jail [...]

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September 2016

Who The Heck Is Miranda?

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Miranda Rights Ernesto Arturo Miranda is the subject of the Miranda Warning, or Miranda Rights law. Ernesto Miranda was convicted of multiple crimes without being told he had a right to council or the right to remain silent. His conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court. He was eventually retried and convicted, but the net [...]

July 2014

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January 2014

Dallas County Judge Charged With Assault

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Dallas County Judge Hit With Protective Order For Assault District Judge Carlos Cortez was charged with assault last week after his girlfriend alleged she was dragged by her hair to the balcony of his apartment in Uptown, was choked and was held against the balcony railing by her neck. Police were notified of a disturbance [...]