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What Happens When You Get Pulled Over For A DWI?

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Don’t think Texas law enforcements efforts to stop drunk drivers ends when the holiday season is over – this is a top priority throughout the entire year. If you’ve ever been pulled over because of suspected DWI, then unfortunately you already know the routine. For those that have not been checked for DWI, then the [...]

Dallas Bondsmen Vindicated By Recent Study

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Kevin Krause at recently ran an excellent article on the study that was performed by a University of Texas at Dallas professor. The study, which was done by criminology professor Robert G. Morris, showed that one out of every four criminal defendants fail to show up for court. Per Kevin's article: "Morris approached county [...]

Holiday Drinking: How To Stay Safe

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Each year the holiday season spawns a plethora of parties, family gatherings and other social events. It seems everyone has to contend with increased pressures to not only overeat, but to over drink as well. For many, the holidays turn extremely stressful, what with the increased expense of purchasing presents, preparing for the arrival of [...]

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The Bail Bond Process

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The Bail Bond Process - How It Works If this is the first time you need to post Dallas bail bonds, you will certainly have many questions around how the bail bond process works. Because of the stress involved, and the desire to “get something done quickly”, many people make mistakes during this process because [...]

Oak Cliff Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX

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Need Bail Bonds in Oak Cliff, TX? Southern Bail Bonds Dallas is located in Oak Cliff, TX and provides professional bail bonds service for Oak Cliff and all of Dallas County. When you have an unexpected personal dilemma that involves either you or a loved one being arrested, we know how stressful this situation [...]