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Types of Bonds In Texas

2013-05-13T17:48:15+00:00 By |Bail Bonds in Dallas|

A bond is a type of security that a defendant provides to the court to ensure he/she will appear in court or trial to answer any charges that have been leveled against them. There are three types of bonds in Texas: Cash Surety (commonly referred to as a Bail Bond) Personal Recognizance (commonly referred to [...]

April 2013

You’ve Been Arrested, Do You Need A Dallas Bail Bondsman?

2013-04-23T20:16:40+00:00 By |Bail Bonds in Dallas|

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense you face the possibility of significant penalties.  Criminal charges can result in large fines and you could face the possibility of prison or other confinement. DWI/DUI offenses carry mandatory fines, imprisonment, educational classes and possible loss of license.  Other criminal offenses carry even more [...]

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Dallas Bondsmen Vindicated By Recent Study

2013-01-19T22:31:23+00:00 By |Bail Bonds in Dallas|

Kevin Krause at recently ran an excellent article on the study that was performed by a University of Texas at Dallas professor. The study, which was done by criminology professor Robert G. Morris, showed that one out of every four criminal defendants fail to show up for court. Per Kevin's article: "Morris approached county [...]