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How Bail Bondsmen Help Families

How Bail Bondsmen Help Families

At Southern Bail Bonds Dallas we know that finding out that a family member has been arrested is one of those phone calls no one wants to receive. An arrest can have a negative effect on a family in many ways, emotionally and especially financially. When someone is arrested the judge will typically set bail depending on the severity of the crime and other issues. A bail bondsman can post bail for an individual so that they can spend their time waiting for their court date outside the jail. This can be very beneficial for them as well as their families. Here are some of the ways the bond industry helps families.

Ensured Safety

Jail has a reputation for being a very dangerous place, especially for those who are in larger cities. Officers, of course, do their best to keep inmates as safe as possible but it can still be a rough place to stay even for a few nights. Whether a family member is innocent or guilty it is possible for them to end up in an altercation with another individual inside the jail who is dangerous. By posting bail, the bondsman ensures families that their loved one is safe from the dangers lurking inside the jail. They are free to stay at home with their families while they prepare for their day in court. Remember, here at Southern Bail Bonds we know everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Familial Support

In the world today it is increasingly important for families to stick together and support one another even in the tough times. Even if an individual made mistakes or poor choices which got them arrested to begin with, they still need to know that their family is going to stand with them in their time of crisis. Bail bondsmen help strengthen these types of family ties by posting bail. This allows the accused to go home to be with their family who is supporting them during this waiting period. They can also offer support for their families while being at home since they will not miss important dates such as their child’s birthday or other social events. It is much less disrupting for the family overall.

Family Finances

If an individual is arrested and kept in jail while waiting for a hearing or trial, it is very likely that they will not have a job when they get out. In many instances, bail bondsmen can post bail in a very short time once the bail is set. This means less time in jail and usually the accused can be back at work close to their regular schedule. This is particularly favorable in cases where they are providing the primary source of income for a family. The family does not have to suffer financially while waiting for trial. When a defendant is not able to pay bail they may ask their family members to contact the bail bondsman. If the family can come up with a small percentage of the set bail, the bondsman can post the bail bond so that their loved one can return home. The family has no change in lifestyle and can continue their day to day lives as they are accustomed to while awaiting court dates.

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