How Bail Bondsmen Help Families

At Southern Bail Bonds Dallas we know that finding out that a family member has been arrested is one of those phone calls no one wants to receive. An arrest can have a negative effect on a family in many ways, emotionally and especially financially. When someone is arrested the judge will typically set bail depending on the severity of the crime and other issues. A bail bondsman can post bail for an individual so that they can spend their time waiting for their court date outside the jail. This can be very beneficial for them as well as their families. Here are some of the ways the bond industry helps families.

Ensured Safety

Jail has a reputation for being a very dangerous place, especially for those who are in larger cities. Officers, of course, do their best to keep inmates as safe as possible but it can still be a rough place to stay even for a few nights. Whether a family member is innocent or guilty it is possible for them to end up in an altercation with another individual inside the jail who is dangerous. By posting bail, the bondsman ensures families that their loved one is safe from the dangers lurking inside the jail. They are free to stay at home with their families while they prepare for their day in court. Remember, here at Southern Bail Bonds we know everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Familial Support

In the world today it is increasingly important for families to stick together and support one another even in the tough times. Even if an individual made mistakes or poor choices which got them arrested to begin with, they still need to know that their family is going to stand with them in their time of crisis. Bail bondsmen help strengthen these types of family ties by posting bail. This allows the accused to go home to be with their family who is supporting them during this waiting period. They can also offer support for their families while being at home since they will not miss important dates such as their child’s birthday or other social events. It is much less disrupting for the family overall.

Family Finances

If an individual is arrested and kept in jail while waiting for a hearing or trial, it is very likely that they will not have a job when they get out. In many instances, bail bondsmen can post bail in a very short time once the bail is set. This means less time in jail and usually the accused can be back at work close to their regular schedule. This is particularly favorable in cases where they are providing the primary source of income for a family. The family does not have to suffer financially while waiting for trial. When a defendant is not able to pay bail they may ask their family members to contact the bail bondsman. If the family can come up with a small percentage of the set bail, the bondsman can post the bail bond so that their loved one can return home. The family has no change in lifestyle and can continue their day to day lives as they are accustomed to while awaiting court dates.

The concept of releasing someone from jail before trial has existed for years. Back in medieval England, bail was used as a way to reduce prison overcrowding while ensuring that the accused person still appeared for court. Here at Southern Bail Bonds Dallas we know that bailing someone out of jail is a centuries old practice that many people still benefit from to this day.

How Bail Bonds Work

When a person is arrested, he or she is sent to jail. A bail bond allows an arrested person the opportunity to be released from jail and continue living their life while awaiting their trial. It’s a guarantee that the defendant will appear at all court hearings as required.
Technically, the bail bond works as follows:
– The judge determines the amount of the bail.
– While in custody, the defendant has the right to make limited phone calls. This includes calls to a relative who helps to organize getting the bail bond posted, or a lawyer, or a bail bonds agent (a list of local bail bonds agents can be found right next to the phone in the jail or the local business directory).

The bail bonds agent may also require additional collateral such as a car title, real estate, or other valuables to secure the bond, along with a promissory note. The agent will work with a close relative or friend who will act as a cosigner for the bond. Once the paperwork has been completed and the bond completes the review process, only then will the surety bond be posted with the court. A regular insurance company can’t be used to post surety bonds. Therefore, the state allows certain types of surety companies to have agents who can post surety or bail bonds in each state.

Not Everyone Understands The Benefits of Bail Bonds

When you use bail bonds, it benefits the person being bonded out and it benefits the public. Here’s how:
• The person being bonded out can return to work. This reduces the jail population and lowers the cost of care and housing of inmates. In turn, this reduction has a direct affect on the costs each city has to incur – a cost that is passed on directly to the taxpayers.
• Also, the defendant will most likely be able to return to work, which will allow them the opportunity to cover legal fees related to their case.
• The defendant will have the ability to meet with lawyers and possibly attend any classes, therapy or training ordered by the court. Visiting hours in jail are limited, and there is no privacy.
• The existence of bail bonds companies creates hundreds of jobs for individuals who need it.
• Many bail bond agencies support the communities they are in by hosting school supply drives, food drives to support local food pantries and some even offer college scholarships.

Since bail bonds require cosigners who are responsible for the bond, it’s more of a group effort to ensure the defendant does what they need to do to keep their bond in place – like doing their check-ins and going to all court dates. Sometimes, being out on bond has stipulations set by the court. For example: taking sobriety classes or doing drug rehab. Being on bond allows a defendant to do those things and work towards getting clean and sober. They can’t do that while in jail. Although it’s highly illegal, there is still access to illegal drugs and contraband in prison.

One of the biggest benefits to bonding a loved one out of jail is that they are given the opportunity to work closely with their attorney towards having a successful outcome to their case.

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