How Bail Bondsmen In Dallas County, TX Help Cities and Communities

There are many ways in which bail bondsmen positively affect communities. These benefits are felt beyond a solitary community and reach to the city and county areas as well. It is easy to think that the only person benefiting from the bail posted by a bondsman is the individual who is being accused of a crime and perhaps their immediate families. But the extent of positive influence is felt throughout the community and beyond. Here are just a few of the ways that bail bondsmen are helpful to communities.

Dallas, TX Bail Bonds Help Decreased Jail Population

When a person is charged with a crime and arrested most often they will have the opportunity to post bail. Bail allows the individual to be released from jail while they wait for their trial or hearing. A bondsman posts bail for an individual so that they can be released and spend their time waiting for trial outside the jail population. Remember, an individual is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law – something some people tend to forget. Jail overcrowding has been a growing concern for communities for many years. If a jail reaches its set capacity, then authorities have to perform some type of action to help alleviate the problem. In some cases they release non-dangerous offenders who have already been convicted of a crime and sentenced. And in other cases, they simply cannot make proper arrests if they have no place to take the accused offender. These two alternatives are not acceptable and can wreak havoc on a community. The citizens would have an increased concern for their safety when offenders are left on the street unchecked. By posting bond for those who are accused, but not convicted, bondsmen help insure the jail population does not get out of control, thereby providing for the protection of the community.

Bail Bonds In Dallas, TX Help Ensure the Defendant’s Court Appearance

One of the responsibilities of a bondsman is to help insure defendants are present at all court appearances in a timely manner. Once an individual has bonded out, they still have the responsibility of showing up to any scheduled hearings or court appearances. If the individual misses just one of these dates they may be considered a flight risk and the petition for his bail will be revoked and usually a warrant will be issued for their arrest. The bail bondsman makes every attempt to keep in contact with the defendant and help insure that they are in compliance with the conditions as they were set forth by the judge. These stipulations include when the bail will be settled, all scheduled dates for trials and the guidelines the defendant is expected to follow while they are waiting for trial outside the jail.

Financial Considerations In Bail Bonds

Housing a person in jail is very costly so it just makes financial sense to save the municipal funding for those who have been convicted; while releasing those who are awaiting a trial or court appearance and are not yet convicted. The numbers vary between communities but about one third of those arrested and charged with a crime are either found innocent or have the charges dropped. In some instances individuals are not even given jail time as part of their sentence. By bonding out those who are waiting for their case to be heard it saves the financial resources of the city government which all translate into saving taxpayer dollars.

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Author: Patrick Hill

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