Bail Bonds in England?

I was watching the NFL game being hosted by London and wondered if, like Dallas Bail Bonds, if England had laws permitting bail bonds. So I decided to look it up. Turns out they do. In Old England times, the sheriff had the only authority to determine if a defendant was held or released. Some sheriffs would use this authority for their own gain. The Statute of Westminster (1275) created limits around the sheriff’s bail authority. The sheriff still had the authority to set the bail amount, but the law stipulated whether a crime was bailable or not.

England and Wales has three types of bail:

  • Police Bail – the suspect is released without being charged, but has return to the police station at a set time.
  • Police to Court – once the defendant is charged they are given bail, but they must attend their first court hearing at the date and Court given.
  • Court Bail – once the defendant appears in court they are granted bail pending further investigation or while the case is still open.

Of course, there are a lot of stipulations to each of these types of bail bonds, just as in the Dallas Bail Bonds process, but it was interesting to read about their bail bonds process, and how it compares to our.  More details on the bail bonds process for other countries can be found by doing a search on the internet.

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Author: Patrick Hill