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A person could be bailed out in as little as a few hours of an assault charge against him/her using Dallas bail bonds. If the charge against the person involves an assault against a member of the defendant’s family our household, the defendant’s release may be delayed by 24 hours based on what Texas refers to as a “Cool Down” period. If this occurs, the 24 hour clock generally starts once the bond has been posted – NOT from the time the person was booked in.

What stipulations are included in assault bail bond?

There are also several stipulations that are carried in the assault bail bonds in order to protect the victim from any type of harassment from the defender. A crucial part of an assault bond is the personal protection order. Basically, it has a set of parameters that any defendant must obey. If there is any violation of any one of these parameters, the bail of the defendant is canceled and they will be arrested again and returned to jail.

The personal protection order says that depending on the intensity of the crime done by the defendant, the defendant must always maintain a distance from the victim ranging from 100 yards to 100 feet all the time.

The no-contact order prohibits any kind of contact done by the defendant to a victim. The defendant can’t contact any of the victims in any way under any circumstances such as over the phone, text messages or email.

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Types Of Assault

There are several different types of assault that are typically recognized in most jurisdictions. These include:

Felony assault and battery:

an unlawful attack or attempted attack through force or violence, that causes physical injury to another person. This type of assault involves the use of weapons and/or serious injury. If a weapon is used, an attack is deemed a felonious assault even if no injury occurs. But there need not be a weapon for this designation. If a serious injury occurs due to an assault using hands, fists, or feet, it is also deemed a felonious assault. Both serious resulting injuries and the use of weapons are triggers for a felonious assault.

Simple assault:

when a weapon is not used and the resulting injuries that are caused to the victim are minor.

Physical assault causes bodily harm.

Aggravated assault:

done with the use of a weapon and/or an amount of increased force.

Sexual assault:

the use of force against the will of the victim, resulting in a rape, molestation, sodomy or similar sexual offense.

Verbal assault:

non-physical, oral assault that results in an emotional, mental, and/or psychological injury to the victim.

Cost For An Assault Bond

If you are facing assault charges the bail amount will depend on the level and type of assault. Assault with a dangerous weapon will likely land you a bail bond of at least $25,000, while assault with a firearm will run you around $50,000 or higher. These numbers aren’t exact and it’s good to keep in mind that the amount can go up to $100,000 dependent on the situation.

Preconditions Assault Bonds

Preconditions are used in assault bail bonds to protect the victim from harassment by the defender. A personal protection order will be placed on the victim for their safety. The personal protection order has guidelines that the defendant must follow precisely. Any violation of these guidelines and the defendant’s bail is canceled immediately, and they will be arrested once again and sent to jail.

The personal protection order states that depending on the severity of the crime committed by the defendant, he or she must maintain a specified distance from the victim which ranges from 100 yards to 100 feet at all times.

Another guideline is the no-contact order which prohibits any kind of contact done by the defendant to the victim. This includes in person, via mail or email, text messages, phone calls, through another person, and more. The defendant may not contact the victim in any way under any circumstances and must abide by this stipulation.


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