Ariel Castro Found Hanged

For those of you that don’t know, Ariel Castro was found dead in his cell last night. Ariel Castro was the Ohio man that had been convicted of kidnapping and raping three women for about a decade. He held them captive in his home until one of the women was able to get the attention of a man outside the house. Between the two of them, they were able to get the door open and they notified the authorities.

Prison officials in Ohio said the convicted rapist and kidnapper hanged himself with his bed sheet. Many people have strong feelings regarding the suicide. Some are saying this was yet another act of a cowardly pathetic man, others are saying good riddance, while still others are asking how that happened when his cell was suppose to be checked every 30 minutes. It’s pretty easy to answer that last question – it doesn’t take 30 minutes to hang yourself!!

I’m sure the victims have strong feelings about this recent event as well, and actually their feelings are probably the only ones that really count. But I do know that I’ve seen comments where people are expressing emotions about feeling cheated that he won’t spend years in prison, and on the flip side there are those that are just fine with this outcome because now the State won’t have to spend thousands of dollars feeding and housing the convicted criminal.

I have my own questions as well, but they run more along the lines of “why were we checking his cell to begin with; the whole point of his sentence was to ensure he never came out of prison alive! But that’s a whole other post! As for how I feel emotionally – hummm…hard to define right now. I guess the bottom line is that he won’t get out of prison on some technicality and he won’t be able to kidnap or rape anyone else.

Video provided by ABC News:

Author: Patrick Hill