Can DACA Recipients Bail Out Of Jail?

If you’re not familiar with what DACA is, basically it is temporary deportation for certain immigrants. The policy was put forth by president Barrack Obama in 2012. The executive action basically stated that if you grew up here, without a criminal record, and graduated high school – you could apply for temporary relief of deportation.

So if you’re arrested and on President Obama’s DACA program, can you post bail if arrested?

DACA Recipients Have A Legal Right To Be In The U.S

Although it is temporary, DACA recipients still have the legal right to stay in the country. Furthermore, ICE can’t do anything to the recipient arrested as long as the crime is not severe. As a Dallas Bail Bonds agent, we consistently work with Immigration cases here in Dallas.

DACA typically gives the immigrant temporary relief for 2 years so as long as they are in the relief period, there really isn’t many authorities can do.

What Happens When You’re Arrested On DACA

When you’re arrested and you hold a DACA policy, you will follow the normal process anyone would follow. You will be brought to a police station and thoughourly checked for identification.

It is this reason as to why it is so important to keep your work visa, employment card, or any other legal documents with you.

Who Can You Contact If Arrested On DACA?

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