New Dallas City Manager A.C. Gonzales

Interim City Manager A.C. Gonzalez has been named Dallas City Manager by a vote of 15-0. Gonzalez has been with the City of Dallas for 14 years, and has served in municipal management positions for 28 years.

Gonzalez was appointed Interim City Manager in June, 2013. Even though the vote was 15-0, the council was initially split with some members being open to hiring in someone from outside that would possibly bring in a fresh view.

Other opposition included the Dallas Fraternal Order Of Police. Richard Todd, President of the organization, stated in a letter to Mayor Mike Rawlings and the City Council that his group had concerns that maintaining the status quo would be detrimental to our members.

Todd went on to state that although they had not met with other candidates, his organization could not in good conscious support the selection of A.C. Gonzalez as the City Manager of the City of Dallas.

Gonzalez faces many challenges in his new position. Mayor Rawlings has made it known he wants the City to be more accountable.

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Author: Patrick Hill

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